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    Fanfiction ► Kingdom Hearts:The story through Riku's eyes

    wow! this story is awsome!! great job tre'coolfreak. i hope the next chapter comes out soon!!!
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    Kingdom Hearts II New Scans!!

    on kingdom hearts ultimania they had those scans and they said the unknowns name was Xaldin
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    Kingsom Hearts theories

    i did not understand anything you were saying. but if i could understand it i would say it sounded like BULL- loney!
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    Is KH affiliated with the Bible!!!

    what do you mean "influenced by oral traditions"!? They were told by God what to write and every bit of the Bible is true whether you believe in it or not oh! and about kh having to do with the Bible the only thing I can see would be the battle between light an darkness, and good and evil.
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    Is it just me ...

    What the heck are all you guys saying!!!! *Sigh* I guess this is what we get when three people from Holland are on the same thread. P.S. I feel sorry that you guys are just now getting CoM. Did it drive you crazy having to wait so long? (Please reply in English!!!)
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    Funniest line in Kh

    i agree with percymort. me and my sister think it's hilarious when sora says to riku "you're stupid" at neverland and then he makes his cute angry face. and when he's trying to talk to tarzan that was pretty funny
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    is this new or old

    i never got to see it before because my computer wouldn't play that trailer when i tried to watch it on this site a long time ago
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    i thought sephiroth looked like riku but no was they're related
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    KH2 in trouble!!!

    i agree with keyblade shadow legend of zelda is definatley not kiddish. i think the new zelda game might give kh2 a run for its money. don't get me wrong kh is my favorite gaming series in the world but there are a lot of zelda fans out there too.i am personaly looking forward to getting the kh2...
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    How did you get into Kingdom hearts

    Re: How did you get hooked? i really didn't know anything about kh until just last december. i saw something for com in my nintendo power. i had heard about the game because i heard these guys in my class saying how they had played the ps2 one non-stop all weekend sometime last year. at first i...
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    What's The Stupidest Thing You Ever Did in COM?

    the stupidest thing i did was when i was trying to get a certain map card i didn't realize you could only have a certain amount and that i already had 99. it took me a couple of hours to figure out why the stupid heartless weren't dropping anymore mapcards. after seeing all the stupid mistakes...
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    Someone please explain!!!!!

    i thought it was weird that they put mild language in the rating for com when only ONE curse word was in the whole game. but anyway disney has made pg-13 stuff before like pirates of the Carribean so maybe it will be rated T. super smash bros. was rated T and my little sister rocks at that game...
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    I Think We Need To Get Something Straight Here

    it's not light or dark that's bad or good it's the person using the power. like riku uses darkness but he's good. someone could have light as their power and use it for evil.
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    The Beginning of KH2

    remember when you beat COM on sora mode and at the end it says fading memories, reconstructed memories, and a dream, a dream of you in a world without you. well i think its gonna start out with sora having a dream about someone important being gone or something like that. and KL you can't call...
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    secret place drawings

    yeah i was looking at the pictures and i thought i saw donald and one that looked like a heartless but i don't remeber which one
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    Ages of players

    well i just got my ps2 this last christmas a month before i turned 14. and no way is it babyish!! i think it's awsome even if there is disney in it.(i actually like all the disney characters they put in) i tried to get my dad to play it but he didn't want to which is weird because he likes to...
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    The source of all Heartless

    if the artificial heartless have a symbol on them then that means the only real heartless that come from people who lost their hearts are the shadow, neoshadow, darkball, invisibles, and darkside(there might be more but I think I got them all). If that's true then how come on KH when you go to...
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    Riku Light, Dark, or Twilight...

    i think he is still dark because he only uses dark powers but he uses them for good
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    3 secret keyblades!

    i tried getting riku's keyblade lost heart and it didn't' work so i think this is all a hoax