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    Trailers and Actual Game Differences

    I think that the cutscene where the Organization were assembled in the castle was replaced with the cutscene were they assemble on the cobble stone building in Hollow Bastion were Sora seals the first lock. Also the Deep Dive was in the game, but it wasn't CGI nor did it have Mickey in it.
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    How do ya score high on the %$#&ing Cerberus Cup?!

    Does that double round thing last for the rest of the cup or just the individual rounds.
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    How do ya score high on the %$#&ing Cerberus Cup?!

    Awesome, Thanks!!!!!! BTW, if the Titan cup is the one with the summons, I'd just use Peter Pan's Neverland and kick the crap of the heartless whiule big things of orbs drop out, I had the summon maxed out though.
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    Nobodies and Homunculi (spoilers)

    And yet both respective franchises can trace their roots back to Square-Enix. Coincidence, I think not. Most Impressive.
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    How do ya score high on the %$#&ing Cerberus Cup?!

    Sorry, I'm stuck on standard and trying to complete the journal righht now. Presently I'm in the underdom on Cerbreus Paradox where you're limited to using your drives, and I can't seem to get a score of 1,300, my best was like 1,100. Can someone please tell me how the combos work in the cups...
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    Saix's scar(s)

    Oh, sorry, let me be more specific, his scar seemed to look like cresenct or a cross slash, weither he recieved that in battle, or he controls some power through it, like a conduit perhaps?
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    Orders motives?

    I think the Org. members want to become whole (with hearts) and were promised that by their boss (whoever that is) and somewhere along the way they're all gonna get screwed over, I think Axel's gonna catch on though, he's only on HIS SIDE.
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    Saix's scar(s)

    I remember Saix saying something about the moon, is it possible that this is his elemental power?