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    Is Riku as blind as we think?

    i agree with XxWhiteLightxX and he has been in the dark for so long maybe the sun light hurt him and so he wanted 2 make his other senses better so he will not have 2 put up with the sun light thats wat i think anyway
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    what the hell is bhk's quest

    yea thats good as hell give us more lol
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    Sora remember castle oblivion

    how can yall go so deep into nothing theres not enough info 2 say any thing
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    Seen it Before

    lol yall should get a pic on here lol then zoom in on it lol
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    worlds that will be on kh2 (at least i think so!)

    i think we all have seen that pic of the DD world
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    Zatch Bell!

    Zatch Bell zatch bell is a show thats pretty new to the world of car toon net work and i would like 2 nah wat every one think of this show.
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    A 'Surprising' New world

    I Would Love 2 See A Star Wars World You Get 2 Fight Darth Vader
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    don't put what in KH2?

    the gummi ship can fly 2 hell and no Monstro it was just gay nothing else 2 say about that place
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    Hey is kh2 anygood?

    its not even out yet
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    bhk take sora's place as the new keyblade master?

    they put the whole kh around sora theres no way there going 2 do this NO WAY
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    bhk take sora's place as the new keyblade master?

    WOOW thats all i have 2 say about that anyways i think it would be cool if at thestart of the game you are playing as the BHK and 2 of his friends just think about it u get 2 use 2 key blade all the time and you only play was him tell u find sora i would like that but him as "take sora's place...
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    Namine & The Blonde Haired Kid

    i think that the BHK went there looking 4 sora lol and he ran into a old friend
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    Debuncing Any dawn or dusk theary.

    (off topic) .:KL:. you be killing me you ask something then when you get the answer you just talk about it if thats the case dont ask and you do alot of puting people down its ok if he cant spell all that good you know what he mean and thats all that matter. (back on topic) lookin down and...
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    What is the worse thing that happened to you?

    i was on the bus playing it and when i was getting off i fell and broke my gb was i found out it was broke it was felt like i died
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    U Know U Have Played Too Much KH/CoM when...

    you know you have played too much KH/KHCoM when you play the game just to see what everybody on the forums are talking about.