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    Yes, yes I know this has been done before but if you don't want to post a character do nt leave idiodic comments like "dude this has been done before" I know but i don't care i want some feedback. Please attach at the end of the description if i can use these characters in a fan fiction or not...
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    another random skill creator

    hi this is jaden and this thread has probably been done before but i want to make my own what you do is think of four or five skills,powers,jutsu..ectcetera that you would love to have if it include the title a translation and a brief description i will start Kane Houmen: Kane Doragon metal...
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    kingdom hearts 3

    this thread is about possiblities for KH3. if you have seen the endingOF KH2 cool but those who havnt SPOLIER ALERT. the secret ending in KH2 Stars of with a bunch of ansems reports flashing through then one stops and says One legend tells that the keyblade master helped the worls while another...
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    kingdom hearts a movie

    me and my friend jessiaca were talking about the FF7 movie when it occured to us that they could make Kingdom hearts 1and 2 a movie. who thinks that that would be a good idea. but before you immediatly bash the idea consider that the game basically is an interactive movie. plus square enix did a...
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    can any one tell me when the naruto game is coming out or can the include a link for a prieview video pleeeease