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    More *NEW* images of EGM

    Great find rpg master!! Love it!
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    Should i bother?

    Yeah please don't give in, I read a few spoilers and it's almost ruined the game for me.
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    music in kh2

    Hmm....you're right. I never noticed that! I'm not very sure why, but thanks for pointing that out for me! ~Celeste~
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    Proud, Beginner or Standard mode?

    I'm going to start with Beginner, to see how hard it is, then if it's way too easy, I'm going to stop Beginner and start Standard. Then Proud. That's my plan!
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    KingdomHearts 2 Piano Collections!!! oO.

    Ohh thanks a lot! I've been looking for piano kh songs..
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    KH2 official site

    Yeah ik just the person who posted this thread didnt seem to know...
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    KH2 official site

    they already did.....http://na.square-enix.com/games/kingdomhearts/kh2/ It might not be the offical.....but it's something...
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    Okay good or bad?

    Okay....awesome.i'm not rushing through mine it would be sad for the game to be over in 60 hours....
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    English "Passion"

    If I remember, from a distance The future was shining everywhere Under the beautiful blue sky I was a little scared The window is dyed with a nostalgic colour. If I advance ahead, will we ever meet again? The future continues on everywhere Under the big signboard I want to watch the changing...
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    Digimon Seiyuu in KH2...

    AWESOME WHOO!!!! LET ME RUN WITH YOU!!!! -runrunrun- lol (btw I like Digimon too! lol)
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    Any video game world in kh2

    Well I say....I say.....Neopets:The Darkest Faerie or...Donkey Kong 64 or....Harvest Moon(and yes, I know those are weird games).
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    Has Any One In The Usa Got There Kh2 Yet?

    im waiting till march...i want to understand the story without all that japanese....
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    The Superior - This person is in complete charge of The Organization, but it is unknown who that may be.. we dont know who No. 1 is...that was just a quote from,again,www.khinsider.com
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    i just looked at the headlines on www.khinsider.com and it was there....a least we know who it is now!
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    has anyone considered this theory?

    yep, thats true
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    KH2 jap site

    Link? Please?