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    Poster Above

    I'm not sure if this has been done on this forum. But I suppose I'll introduce you all to it. It's taken from a different forum mind you. The game is really basic, you play by saying something about the poster above you, not really much of a game but it's a time killer. Ex. Thread starter: I...
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    The Nose Game V2

    This is the revival of my Nose Game I created a couple years back. The rules are quite simple, and if you will, strange. All you need to do is type a comment and/or your forum username with your nose. Heck, this time it's not only your nose, try your tongue (if you trust that your keyboard is...
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    KH2 FM+ ES Fight {No damage, limit, or drive}

    This has probably been posted already, but for those who haven't seen it. We all know the E.S. as the secret boss for KH FM+, as I browsed the net, I came across this little treat. Someone managed to beat the E.S. without ANY damage, without ANY drive forms, without ANYTHING (from what I can...
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    key blades

    *Shrug*, it was a good guess. Perhaps there's going to be a plot device about fake and real keyblades now.
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    key blades

    I smell a plot twist. I just realized it, but the old man's keyblade in that screenshot you posted looks like this. Not really, but their simular.
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    A small theory

    (I know, I may have posted in the wrong place, but I doubt my theory will be seen anywhere else) Well, I've been very absent from posting, but I've been keeping up with a lot of the news. I was watching the Final Mix+ secret movie and the line 'Birth by Sleep' gave me an idea. This may have...
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    Fanfiction ► +~.:Tales from Hogwarts:.~+

    T A L E S F R O M H O G W A R T S: G R A V E Y A R D O F B R O K E N M E M O R I E S A Harry Potter fanfiction as you can see, it deals with a small group of people's OC's (Original Characters). I started it a while ago and decided to put it up here. The plot is as follows...
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    Well, not exactly too new here, I use to have another account, unfortunately the password was lost, same thing with my email adress. (That's what I get for taking a break from the computer I guess). My other account was keyblademasterX if anyone was wondering... Glad to be back I guess.
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    Anyone here play this game?

    Does anyone here play the game Gunz the Duel on the ijji portal? Aka NAGunz. If not and you want to check it out go here: www.gunzonline.com My in-game name is Xerxes-spawN, add me if you want, the more the merrier I guess.
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    What i came up with on the secret video in KH2

    Wow, those are some great therories, you must be pretty observant. Some of that stuff I didn't think of until now.
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    Do U Think That KH2MX+ will release in NA

    I vote yes, I think it would be a mistake not to release it here, judging by the overall sucess of the series in NA.
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    ~Kingdom Hearts: Guilty Birthright~

    Yeah...so it's my first RP in a while, I thought I might start a KH Rp for once...Sure...it might be a bit cliche but it's a work in progress. Story The galaxy is a vast space where to survive you must fight. For the worlds are now rouge and unorderly. Clans have formed, some to stop this...