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    dream sword

    ok......so can u or can u not
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    dream sword

    is it possible to get the dream sword if so can someone tell me how cause i got the dream rod and shild but i cant seem to get the sword.
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    Funniest line in Kh

    ya soras always lookin back doing that akward smile like in hk1 end
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    Help with a poll !!

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    Sephiroth Challenge

    shephy is soo easy once u know his timing
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    Need Help, Just Ask Me

    i got a good way to kil sephy sythesis lots of gia bangles and put um as your equip ment. have full inv of elixers have strike raid and ans ancanium eqipped fight him battle stage 1* he basicaly use flame pillar and sword slashes just attack him and heal when he does flaim pillar...
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    kh cover

    geez kid u have no brain
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    kh cover

    ????????....ok im going to shut up now
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    kh cover

    a wyvren where the heck did u pick that up from it lookes nothing like a werevyen(woh sp)
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    kh cover

    ya thats sorta what i meant Sephiroth_spawn
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    kh cover

    ?????ok.....u do a quick reply
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    kh cover

    i sorta does look like a gargoyle but did u know its posible to change disniges
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    I read that...

    i donno but i personaly want advent children out earlier instead off later
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    kh cover

    Grrrr Geez Man Every Time i Freaking Post Some Thing Some One Always Pops My Bubble
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    kh cover

    did any 1 notice on the kh cover on the bottom right theres a neo shadow
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    You Know You've Played Too Much KH When...

    when u chase after ur freiend with a stick do ing ragonork and ancanium and hwen he runes away u yell strike raid and u throgh the stick at his head then u pick it up and yell sonic and run and jab it into jis back and just when he thinks its over u try to pull off a trinity limit and the back...
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    Favourite Keyblade

    ultima weapon is the best and i always use it but lost hearts looks cooler in every way.
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    KHII Official site

    they had it for a while
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    Favourite Keyblade

    lost heart