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    Who would win the battle? Sephiroth vs Sonic

    Sephiroth vs sonic who would win? Why?
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    Kh2 realsed on 30th not 28th.....

    What about those who pre-ordered would they get theirs earlier, and don't all the people who reserved ahead of time get theirs before the people waiting in line does, so wouldn't that make it longer for those people who will buy it in a store? When should those who pre-order get it? Lol, one...
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    1hr left

    Japan times is different from us, they are a day ahead actually.
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    ps2 emulator and kh2

    Isn't this stuff illegal?
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    ***Kingdom Hearts 2 NA Site Official Launch***

    Seems so impossible!!!! I am so happy!
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    this sucks!

    Actually, Kingdom hearts 2 might not really come out in US in 4 months (MARCH). Wanna know why I say this, well Because in that interview it said, Kingdom Hearts 2 should hit shelves in US By March. The key word is by! So it is possible for it to come out Earlier than March, it could come out...
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    Kh2 Uk.

    Kh uk update: http://www.kh2.co.uk/assets/spshop_1871_8136494.jpg :) Might be old but thought you might wanna see enjoy.
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    TGS 2003(Previous Trailer)

    I know exaclty what he is saying, cause on the tv it showed belle dancing with beast in a scene for kh. But in the game I don't ever remember seeing it. But now in kh2 they show them dancing the same exact place and way as the did in the other trailer I was talking about. Hmm, I not sure, I...
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    KHinsider and KH2. When will it all end?

    Well I felt like I did not want a kh3 simply cause I don't wanna get my hopes so high and try to keep it up for so long, but I just felt like 1 more game after kh2 then I would not care. But we haven't even reached kh2 so why should we care lol, just relax and see what happens in the game and in...
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    CLose ups.

    http://kh2.co.uk/ Close up of scans.
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    Do you think Nomura has met all of our demands?

    Well, I personally, think he has done great, I do not see why people complain for everything. But Yeah pretty, much. Don't you agree. He has reach high expections, in my eyes. SHOUT OUT Thank you Nomura!
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    Pride Rock, time difference

    it does'nt takle that long for a lion to grow up. Lol. It take like a 1 or so.
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    back cover of kh2!!!!!

    Lol, I sry for being negivtive, who says ur be living, sry. I think of that everyday. Forget I said that.
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    japanese on Usa

    There is something, else you can do and it won't messs it up leeme get the link to it. http://www.modchipstore.com/customer/product.php?productid=16158&cat=0&page=1 There you go.
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    Theme park poll

    What theme parks do you like best: Disney Universal Wet n' wild Bush Gardens Sealworld :) I would have to see I have no clue lol. One of my brothers work at disney and the other Universal. I have no clue, what I like.
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    New Audience?

    I know other disney games that got a ranking of T an dthere not as bad as kh. SO I am guessing its T.
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    So much information...but is it all too much?

    I feel the same exact way! I tried so many things i left but I cam eback it so addicting look at stuff of kh2! But i am still fighting it. I even started to write my own language, which btw is going really far, and that didn't. ANd know I am learning how to write and understand japenese which is...
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    Better view of TLK

    Sry dude, but you seemed right at first but they won, I have to agree with them.
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    New videos and info(KH2 OST, Passion, and Videos)

    How do you acess the vid?
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    Actually Mickey does fight Malifacent, in a movie but I truely think no lol sry. But good thininking I guess.