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    Counter Strike 1.6

    I made this Montage the other day. YouTube - Slowing Down -Counter Strike1.6 Sniping Montage I'm not very good but if anyone is interested in playing send me a message. I use Garena most of the time
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    The Devil Wears Prada- With Roots above and Branches Below

    Badass band. Their new Album better be amazing.
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    Help/Support ► Lookin for a good game.

    what kind of games do you like ? that would help
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    Who's your favorite KHI member?

    We all got favorites =D. so...share your opinion...share like you were taught in 1st grade.
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    Grim Deathly Death game...death

    The game is pretty simple... You explain the death of the person above you and why it happen. Game on
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    Fanfiction ► Origami Tsunami

    I got off the step of the Bus and the bus moved on. I started to walk to my street when Zip walked up to me; he was a guy that lived across from me. Ever since I was a kid everyone called him Zip and I don’t believe he anyone know his real name. “Are you high?” Zip asked. “Am I narrating?” I...
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    Fanfiction ► Origami Tsunami

    Thanks, Its kinda my first fanfic/ story. So i was kinda worry that it would suck XD
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    Fanfiction ► Origami Tsunami

    Its not really a fanFic...more of a story i made up XD Its a comedy so don't get all fed up with the stuff i put in it. Theres a little sample...Tell me if you like it or not. Cus i will probably only go on if its good xD It was a hot summer day in August; I was waiting at a bus...
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    Fanfiction ► Bonds of Flame

    Thats a pretty cool fan fic
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    Does anyone know what ska is?

    I dunno....i'm starting to think KHI don't listen to much ska =(
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    What do you wear...?

    I've always wonder what kind of stuff people in this form wear...like brand..type of clothes stuff you like....stuff you don't really like wearing... Stuff that people in your area wear...stuff like that xD
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    Fear and loathing in Las Vegas?

    I've seen like the first 9mins of it on youtube...Hows the movie? is it any good like everyone says it is?
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    What was the name of that song....

    I got this idea when i was watching T.V and heard a song that i liked but didn't know anything about it. (sorry if i post in the wrong place or already made) This thread is for finding out names/artists/ext of songs that you've heard. All you have to do is name where you heard it...and other...
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    Robot Chicken

    Ah....this show is the shiit!...... Little Hitler!
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    How come i only have 33posts?

    How come i only have 33posts, when im suppose to have way more than that?
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    chances of sora in ssbb

    Super Smash Brother...gets kinda boring =( and i think sora is too good for a game like that =p
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    Young Folks

    Has anyone heard the song Young Folks from Peter, Bjorn & John? Heres a link if you haven't YouTube - Young Folks Heres another one- purevolume™ | Peter Bjorn & John
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    What song are you listening to RIGHT NOW.

    If you are like me, You have your music player on playing music while you are do anything on the computer. So why not post what you are listening to right now to show what you like and what song you are listening to at the moment. (& Not a bad way to pick up girls. lol j/k j/k j/k) So while...
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    Ska anyone?

    Anyone listen to ska or like ska or even know what ska is.... what are some of your favorite bands? just wanna know... :(
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    What is the vbPlaza menu?

    ??? i dont get it how it works.... i stop going on for about 4 months and they added it and i got no idea what that is XD