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    New scans (Yellow drive Vivi, TT+more).

    Why do you say that? There's no proof of anyone specifically being BHK's party members, and there certainly isn't any proof of the need for one spellcaster and one fighter in the party. It could be anyone. Even characters that haven't been announced yet.
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    Finally, a clip of "Passion"!

    Really? What do you play? I guess I'm more used to that sort of thing. Half the music I listen to is techno, so I'm used to backround beats and stuff like that. Plus I always had a weakness for the beat of drums like that. Takes me back, you know what I mean? I hope the English versions...
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    Finally, a clip of "Passion"!

    I agree. Passion is very rocking. As for the drums, I don't really find it off beat except at the beginning, and keep in mine, this is merely a clip of the song and not the whole thing. It may have lead out of another part before the clip began. Either way, I like the drum beat. Adds to the...
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    Your Favorite KNOWN Organization Member

    To be honest, I kind of liked the idea of Vexen, him being some wise and skilled person who knows more than he lets on (I like Axel for the same reason) but he's a bit of an arse and isn't the nicest person to look at besides. Plus he uses (or used) Ice, and I love ice. On personality...
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    An Interesting Truth

    Wow, that's an interesting observation. I never noticed it, but I guess you're right. I'd say that Luxord has a pretty cool zipper, though. I doubt that there's any significance to this other than the fact that they wear different coats, but it might mean something. Either way, it's a nice...
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    Hang on one super fast second

    You mean like how they tweaked Aeris' name in the first game?
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    Steamboat Willie WOrld

    It looks like fun. I once played this old Mickey game for the SNES, and it was actually a lot of fun to play the Steamboat Willie world. You got to jump on a goat 'n stuff. At the very least it'll be a nice change of pace.
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    BHK object of importance

    Maybe he's just the classic anti-hero. In most clips of him in Twilight Town hanging with his friends, save when they were atop the clocktower, he had quite a depressed air about him. And, as most people assume, he's part of the Organization as well as a Keyblade weilder, they try to get him...
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    KHII is coming, yet no Riku

    Maybe he's important, maybe not. Even if he doesn't have much role in Kingdom Hearts 2 (however unlikely), we sure got enough of him in Chain of Memories. I'm not complaining about not seeing him much, although I must admit I'm a little upset. He's one of my favorite characters. Maybe this...
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    Utada Song - Official Lyrics

    Well, congradulations on your first 'l337' free thread, Danse. You're probably right, though. All that's left to do, then, is wait for it to be released. It'll be a good day when I see my first Kingdom Hearts 2 commercial featuring "Passion." A good day indeed.
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    Theory about Soras new black duds

    You know, looking at the latest trailer, translated on another thread by Milkman, doesn't Sora say something about wanting to be taken to the world of Darkness? Maybe in addition to Sora being more mature and more dark, he actually takes a turn for darkness. I dunno, maybe. And maybe his...
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    Utada Song - Official Lyrics

    Neat. Thanks for the link, I probably wouldn't have found it myself. "Passion" looks like it's going to be pretty good, just like "Simple and Clean." Say, do you think we already know the beat? I mean, before Kingdom Hearts was released, the instrumental music in the background of most...
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    Glass Tiles

    If someone has already mentioned this, please forgive me for mentioning it again and taking up board space. I just wanted to know if anyone understood what it meant in the latest trailer where the platform the blonde haired kid is standing on, similar to the ones that Sora stepped on in the...