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    Peter Gryphon vs. Al Bundy

    It's the fight between the two fat men, the slobs extrordinairs, the lazy men! Who shall win in the fight to unconsciousness? Dirty tricks are allowed, though nothing fatal. Character shields and in-show effects take effect. Who comes out the champion, and who goes home to their 'loving' family?
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    Kingdom Hearts: The New Worlds

    **Note: Some cursing will be in this thread, though not of high amounts. Also, if you are against cursing, please don't complain here, as I disclaimed such here. The main story of this is new worlds have been connected with the Kingdom Hearts worlds, and this takes place Immediately after...
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    Three Stooges

    It has been many, many years since I've seen anything like 'The Three Stooges' on telivision in my area. Such a shame, as they were one of my favorite things to watch between my Nintendo-Playing breaks. Anyone else think they should be re-aired more often, or have opinions on this comedic trio?
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    Dan Abnet

    Anyone else here a fan of Dan Abnet and his Works for Warhammer 40,000, Starwars, and the liking? Currently reading his final novel in the Eisenhorn Trilogy. Great series.
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    Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning

    Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning (EDIT: Mark of Chaos now too!) http://www.warhammeronline.com/english/home/index.php This videogame looks like it'll be great when it finally comes out next year. been cancelled too dang much(This is at least the third version, the first one what started...
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    advent children character in kh2?

    Vincent is gonna be in here, or at least that's what SE officials said last year...
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    Medieval Fantasy Roleplay(Semi-literacy required)

    Introduction The year is 1243 on the Imperial Calendar, and an Empire has just ended one of its wars and made allies with its neighboring nations, the land of the High Elves and The Dwarves. They have also signed a peace treaty with the Wood Elves, though the treaty will only last as long as no...
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    BHK and other stuff

    NO! Not at all. Riku is not Sephiroth, and Kairi is not Aerith. Aerith was seen as a kid in FF7 inside the slums. KH characters are NOT related to FF characters!
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    FF Cameos in KH2

    Vincent IS confirmed, though it is in a Year old issue of GMR, titled "A Magic Kingdom" on the front. That interview also features the fact that Auron was going to be in it. They probably ditched Vincent though and replaced him with Auron...
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    OK, thanks. And good luck with the "Making my own FF game..." thing, and hope it does well.
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    Not meaning to sound rude when I said the information part, and the sarcasm wasn't the angry type, but the humored type. Also, I never stated he WASN'T evil, or that he was avenging his mother. I stated that he was A) Controlled by Jenova, and B) He killed the town in a fit of rage. How would...
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    You're right 1990, Jenova, the CALAMITY OF THE SKY, was a normal ancient. Jenova was not at ancient, she disguised herself as one. And Sephiroth didn't make her evil, no, the other way around, Jenova made SEPHIROTH evil. Before jenova, Sephiroth was just a soldier. When he read the reports in...
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    Koro, Jenova didn't LAND with monsters, it CREATED monsters from the Cetra. And If that were the case, the planet would have deployed the WEAPONS to stop the threat that edea and all possessed to the planet.
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    Clouds Sidestory

    It's not a rivalry between Seph and Cloud. Sephiroth both killed areis and is trying become a god. If someone killed your girl-friend and was trying to take over the world, you'd try to stop them too.
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    Clouds Sidestory

    Good god, she's gonna be the KH version of Kenny from southpark.
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    FF summons?

    You forgot a bunch. If you want a big list, just go to game faqs, look for Final Fantasy Tactics under the playstation platform, find any of the job skill faqs, and go down to the summoner class' skills. It states around 15 or 20 there.
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    Actually, Chocobo's can fight back quite well, plus it was revealed in Final Fantasy Tactics on the Playstation that at least one species of chocobo, red I believe, can actually fly.
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    My guess on which FF characters will be in KH2/DiZ

    Nope, he was confirmed in the GMR issue: A Magical Kingdom, along with auron. However, no other evidence has been made for vincent.
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    classic ff characters

    No, vincent WAS confirmed in the GMR issue: A Mgical Kingdom, same as auron. HOWEVER... no other information has been realeased to prove that. Also, Master T, would FFT on the PSX count for it?
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    classic ff characters

    Hm, how about Ramza Beovule, Delita, maybe even a Zodiac demon or two as bosses...