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    Buying from Wal-Mart

    Sorry for not replying earlier 8D;; My mom wanted me off >>; I live in Texas, in a very small town XD; Express shipping is out of the question, for me, though. D: Sorry to hear I'm not the only one with a problem ;; <33
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    Buying from Wal-Mart

    Has anyone bought a game from Wal-Mart, yet? I was just wondering, because the one here (we live in a VERY small town) doesn't have it yet, and they might not get it for a few days, weeks, a MONTH. o_o That's what happened with the Sims, back when I was obsessed :p Also, if I order the game now...
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    Skip School for Kingdom Hearts 2?!

    ...What do you think I'm doing right now? 8D >w>; I... "threw up." XD
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    Kh2 Countdown!!!!!!!!

    afsdfa o0o We're so close.... ;;
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    If you're not into spoliers, than maybe you shouldn't listen to Sancutary.

    o.o;;; I...was too lazy to read a few of the pages...but, I've heard part of Sanctuary D: if you go to that one MTV Overdrive thing, and watch the "EXCLUSIVE TRAILER OMFGZZZ", it plays it XD ... Do you think I would lie to you? |: -SLAP'D-
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    I have too many spoilers in my head!

    May I suggest a lobotomy? Dude, this thread is pointless.
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    KH2 Release Date Discussion Thread

    Just noticed that...haha...can't let the little kiddles see, eh? XDD.
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    KH2 Release Date Discussion Thread

    Ah, Schweet <333
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    So, how's Atlantica in KH 2?

    Aw man, Sora singing? Dancing? Can someone post a link? XD
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    AH! Mine has been doing that for a while, though I never made the connection between blue disks and the noise. Maybe that's it...
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    Pics Of New Heartless And Nobodies

    Wow, great job! This will be very useful. I can't help but say that I'm distracted by the top right corner in the journal pics, though, lol. "EMO---" Oh, I just got to the bit with the keyblades, thank you! I've been dying to see them in this game.
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    nobody idea created...in kh1?

    I've been thinking...maybe Tidus DID lose his heart whenever Destiny Islands was destroyed. The kid in Traverse Town could possibly be his shell? Eh, I'm so bad at theorizing. >w<;
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    About to Crack? C:

    XD Yeah, I get it. I'll just...play KH1 to get my mind off of it :D Thanks, guys <3
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    About to Crack? C:

    Ack. -deathglared- XD
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    About to Crack? C:

    I'M...TRYING XD It's so hard once it gets this close! It's agonyyyy....
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    About to Crack? C:

    Oh, my. I know my sig. says "Anti-spoiler gamer"...but I really feel as if I'm going to cave, and look at the spoilers, soon. Anyone else feel the same? :(
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    Selling out already???

    I really hope there isn't a special one, either. It would only come out in Japan, most likely, and there's no way my mom's paying for an import and the adaptions needed to play it. XD
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    KH2 in Europe!

    Why would the UK version come out before the US Version? Sorry if it sounds like I'm biased, but I thought the US was just...scheduled to come out sooner. And, yes. There aren't supposed to be any release topics. I made that mistake. :o I didn't see the sticky until after I had posted it.
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    am i the only one getting the game when it comes out in the US?

    Exactly why I'm waiting. The story is more important than the actual gameplay, to me. I don't want to have anything spoiled before I can actually understand. I want to have a full experience! (:
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    Release Date?

    Oh, thank you! :D That means I'll have three days to play before I go to Colorado n_n Thanks again <3!