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    Describe what a kingdom hearts boss fight against you would be like?

    Where I'm the boss? You press X, Sora bonks my head with an oversized key and I'm KO-ed. Please don't over do it, but I guess there could be funny animations for all the different spells. The catch is that I have so little HP, you can only use one spell/attack to see death animation, unless you...
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    What plan does M.O.M. have for Sora?

    Probably for Sora to finally eat his dinner. It must be cold as hell now. But I guess MOM believes the darknesses can only be properly defeated in Quadratom, a world they not naturally part of. For that, someone who can defeat the needs to be there. Question is how the darknesses will get there.
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    Why do people ship Roxas with Xion

    Roxas is male. Xion is female (debatable, I know, but still). Xion is the female Roxas interacts with the most. There. Thats it. Also, most people feel every main character should have a love intrest (not just KH, any media), and the signals set by KH 3 are obvious: Sora-Kairi (obviously)...
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    Once Upon a Time and Kingdom Hearts

    Sounds like a mess of epic proportions, that alone would make it fun. But I don't see it, almost impossible to properly integrate it into the story. It has characters we already met, but different and in live action. I could see it if Quadratum wasn't simply a different reality but a mirror...
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    Birth By Sleep has bad boss design or we just dont get them?

    There are actually a few good strategies. I'll give you one, but I recommend finding it out for yourself, it's more fun that way, only read it if you are in absolute need of help. MF is a special case, but for the armor and No Heart, one way to victory is to
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    If the Master of Masters ends up as a new character, do you think he needs his own game or movie like X Back Cover?

    I think 2 will be revealed through flashbacks in the game where we fight the Foretellers, maybe KH 4 or 5. Didn't 4 happen during the x era? How come we have almost no info on that? If it has something to do with the Foreltellers, we might see it in flashbacks in the game centered around them...
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    [Theory] The meaning of the 7 black pieces in the epilogue of KH3 and how it might play in the next saga.

    Yeah, I think it's possible. Either the names of the 7 darknesses are the new names of the Foretellers, or the actual sins, like Pride, Wrath, Envy, Sloth, Gluttony, Greed, Lust. But I don't think the plan involves separating them like Vanitas. I think MoM just simply means to kill the hosts...
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    The Master's eye

    If I understand it right, keychains are physical manifestations of memories and emotions, and these emotions can affect your keyblade. If someone has a strong emotion or an important memory involving Xehanort, the resulting keychain logically transforms the keyblade closer to the look of...
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    KH characters power level tier list

    I generally agree with the placements, but Yozora that high is cheating, because he was only a superboss so far, and nothing else. Superbosses tend to be harder than their more canon counterparts (looking at Xemnas, Young Xehanort, and Lingering Will). Also, it's not guaranteed that MoM is high...
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    Spoilers ► Do you think MoM & Foretellers become main villains in the 2nd phase ?

    The 5 Foretellers are ultimately not evil. I can see them as antagonists at first, but they will end up as good guys. But! They will, 100% sure, be bosses fought at one point. Either due to misunderstanding, Luxu's manipulation, or the Darkness inside taking hold. Luxu and MoM, I'm not sure. I...
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    The next game might simply be called Kingdom Hearts X

    Oh God... seeing Re:X just gave me an idea for the next game. It will tell not the false tales of the X era from unknown sources, but it will be the REtelling of the TRUE events of X.
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    So...are Xion and Roxas half brother and sister?

    Really depends on what definitions are we using. In a strictly biologically sense, no. Roxas is Sora's Nobody, they share the same DNA, so they are twins, or you could count Roxas as Sora's clone. Xion, however was born in a laboratory. I kind of doubt that "Sora's memories of Kairi" holds his...
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    Xehanort is pure evil

    Evil, but not pure evil. He wasn't smiling because he enjoys killing, he was smiling because he got closer to his goals. He is the kind of guy who wants to do good at first, but lets his arrogance and feelings of superiority delude him into thinking only he can do good.
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    Random theory about how Quadratum was created

    Intresting thought! The Encoder always felt out of place for me, but comparing it to Tron's digitizing technology makes a lot of sense. I believe Quadratum is as old as the KH universe, and they will have some kind of duality mechanic, like we had with the realm of light and realm of darkness...
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    Theory on the black box

    I always assumed that the box has 20 locks, 7-7 on the longer sides, and 3-3 on the shorter ones, and that it's connected to the 20 pieces of the χ-blade. But since we never saw all sides, and 13 is Nomura's favourite number (and coincidentally also the number of hours each day he spends...
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    Who would you ship with a Dark Seeker?

    I ship Ansem (giant ship form from the end of KH 1) and the Pirate ship gummi heartless (it was fought near Olympus). In my headcannon, Ansem seems so done with everything in KH 3 because the relationship between the ships sunk. You can see the remains of poor Pirate ship in KH 3.
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    Axel's voice actor preys on his female fanbase on social media

    Wow, this is scary. And not just Flynn's actions but also the reactions here. Yes, his behaviour is disgusting, especially that he abused his position as a lesser celebrity. BUT, consider: - What he did is not illegal. Sure, disgusting, but not illegal. Looking through the stuff on Twitter, he...
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    Make Your Own Kingdom Hearts Game Idea Here

    After the possible DDD2 and BBS2, I want to see the trios changed up. One game about a new Mark of Mastery (but this time not in the realm of sleep), where we have Terra and Sora retry, and Kairi try for the first time. Sora doesn't really care about the title, but if the test is tied to a...
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    KH 20 years anniversary is in 2022

    I really hope its not a remake of KH1. Don't start remaking the games, aunless you plan on remaking all of them. Otherwise, the fans are confused and angry that their favourite title won't get the same treatment (I'm looking at you, Ratchet and Clank). With how popular KH3 was, the series is...
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    The Foretellers And the Seven Deadly Sins They Represent

    I brought proof: Here you can see that Anna loves Eristoff. Here, you can see how lovingly Anna looks at Snowdude. Dude should be thankful that hot look didn't melt him down. And lastly, you see here that Anna is, in fact, in love with Donald. You might argue that she is just hungry and...