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    Gummi Ship Mission *NEW VID*

    Woah! great video. love the quality.
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    quiestion regarding a keyblade

    For those who have the game. Who do you get the sleeping lion keyblade from? leon or scar? thanks
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    Leon and Cloud

    obviously you haven't read all of the interviews because there is a short interview where nomura talk about this. you can find all of the interviews in sorasdomain.net I don't think it's impossible anymore since Nomura has gone all out with the game by including unexpected worlds/characters...
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    Leon and Cloud

    We know for sure that cloud has his own side story. For leon however we don't know but he seems to have an important role in this game also because we see him in a lot of scans in different places. No one knows for sure if they are playable though. But it would be cool.
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    New KH2 World? Tron?

    maybe that's the world where we see squall with all the high tech computers. maybe, maybe not.
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    Card Thrower! Nice!!!!

    Card Throwing? sounds interesting, guess we'll have to wait and see.
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    new info and little but new interview

    I wonder if leon will have a connection to the main story as he did in KH.
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    just a couple questions

    is this really confirmed?
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    Who would be a worthy Final Boss?

    I think it would either be DiZ or a new villian.
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    BHK both eye's glowed...could he be

    i was not saying that GWU = GEU i was showin the screen for those who didn't see it.
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    BHK both eye's glowed...could he be

    Well i saw it too with the DD video i had in high quality and decided to post a screenshot for those who don't see it http://www.freewebs.com/hyoga08/glowing%20eye.JPG
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    Leon & Cloud

    yea it was stated that they appeared in a valley surrounded by nobodies not in twilight town.
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    What do you think looks best in KH2????

    i would say the FF characters and the storyline.
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    Squall and Seifer's Countdown

    yeah we understand what you're trying to say but if this were to happen then that would really kill the whole thing between these two but I doubt that would happen.
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    what the quote meant of bhk's freind's said

    Re: WHAT THIS quote i think of bhk's freind's meant!!!!!!! I don't think they win becuase in of the summaries made about the trailer stated that they almost won. I think that they lost again seifer, fujin, and raijin.
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    What do you think will be cloud's role in KH2?

    I can't wait to the that scene either!!! I was hoping for a scene like this and my dream came true.
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    Squall and Seifer's Countdown

    wait....isn't seifer in a younger form? that's what I read somewhere in gamefaqs board. If he is wouldn't it be weird to see a showdown between these two?