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    KH2 Cutscenes archive

    Re: *Update 1/21* All KH2 Cutscenes Available Does anyone know where I can get all these cutscenes? That are not on youtube or filefront, just downloads. Please and thanks.
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    Kairi's message in the bottle

    I don't remember what it says can some one tell me where i can find that? Thanks. I also think this thread belongs in a different forum to redirect me or close it please. thanks again.
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    Kairi VS Namine

    Naminé all the way she could kick Kairi's ass anyday!I think she's prettier also.In my opinion i think it kinda killed it , why would Kairi need a keyblade?Sure to defend herself but still.(I don't want to start ranting so i'll shut-up now ^^)
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    I think she looks alright, much more mature yeah.I still haven't taken much of a liking ot her though,not one of my fav. characters.But prettier nonetheless.
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    THEORY about why Kairi is "forgetting" Sora

    Your first theory, in my opinion, is the most likely one.Though I think Kairi is just forgetting she's been going on with her life seeing everybody she knows except Sora and Riku.Though I don't know why she'd forget Sora's name and not Riku's, unless she doesn't like Sora and she's in love with...
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    Fanfiction ► Kingdom Hearts Show!

    Totally awesome! They're incredibly funny..:D write more! With Naminé, she's cool!!
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    Worth getting?

    Get it, it's awesome.Though i'd rather have played it in PS2, cause the card thing was kinda weird but it was cool overall.
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    My UnOfficial Topic on Keyblade Customization

    If the customizing of keyblades actually appears, it would make a lot of people happy.It would add the players personal touch to it.
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    My UnOfficial Topic on Keyblade Customization

    It would seem hard to pull off, but it really wouldn't be if the had specific items you can use on the keyblade.Like that people wouldn't put random retarded stuff on it just to mess around.I still think it would be totally cool.
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    My UnOfficial Topic on Keyblade Customization

    I'm not sure, but If you can actually customize a keyblade, I -think- they'll have certain things that you can combine.Not neccesarily from the current keyblades.
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    My UnOfficial Topic on Keyblade Customization

    I haven't seen many threads relating to that.((I've been lurking for a VERY long time.))I think i'd be really awesome to customize your own keyblade,i'd put some peoples mind to work on how to create the best keyblade possible.
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    what would you do if you was an unknown

    If I was an unknown Here are the things i'd do: -Hide Riku in my closet -Steal Sora's keyblade ans use it to do whatever th heck i wanted to -Destroy the world with my fellow members of the 'Stupid Evil Darkness Group' -Of course party with all the people I think are cool.(before the...
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    Even when it doesn't seem like it Aero or Aeroga(which is stronger) it raises your defense and inflicts a bit of damage to your enemy.It can even reflect Yuffie's Shurikens(sp>) back at her.
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    Who did you prefer? AND WHY?

    I prefer Riku, he owns! I've always been drawn to both Sora and Riku, but more to Riku.Not because he's faster,stronger and such,I just like him better.
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    favorite character??

    For me, Riku,Naminé,BHK and Sora.They rock!
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    After lurking for a very long time, I've decided to make an account of my own and join in on the fun! Lol. I'm Stephanie,Lady Shalott or whatever nickname I come up with in the future! :D Being here means that I absolutely love Kingdom Hearts, to an extent that my family and friends think a bit...