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    End of the Journey...( for those who beat the game)

    do u think theyll start makin KH series like FF?
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    End of the Journey...( for those who beat the game)

    i dont think it a game,i think it a movie,like ff7 they make 2 game of it and a movies.
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    Roxas..ure evil... =0

    i depise sora as well....well kinda...order 13 probaly didnt mean ne harm they just want to exist but wit a heart, is dat wrong...u wanting to exist?
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    Kh2 Is Officially a Good Game!

    Re: Kh2 Is Officially A Bad Game Or Good Game wut i think about the game is dat..there no luv n it,wut happen to the luv i mean they some but it nt like KH,it like noot Kh is about, i luv the game but i want the luv for it dat reason y i play it...dat kool feeling u get when u play the game...
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    Roxas or Sora

    im goin to go wit roxas,i like his side of the story more sad,drama(kinda),and i feel sry for him cuh he lost everything n the end.
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    kh2 jokes really funny

    hahahahahahahahaha, o hell no man.nt funny at all
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    who would you rather play as

    fck riku and all them punk, everyone want to play as kairi,she would kik azz.
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    kh2 during school

    mi cuzin actually work at gamestop so he goin to buy me a copeid of Kh2 while im at skool so im god dam lucky to have him there.
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    i have already seen this to man
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    Kaiari's role in KH2 MAJOR spoiler!!!!!

    it doesnt even matter yall....the link is nt even working....so no big deal.
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    Plz Tell Me Sancturary Is Out!!! And All Of It

    ...no man sry it nt out yet.
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    hes on...

    this is so exciting!!!!idy but i like to spoil miself even tho the game come out n like 2weeks im such a loser.
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    man......it better b march28th or im goin to kill someone for makeing me wait longer.
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    What Games Will Be Keeping You Busy Until KH2 Comes Out?

    im playing maplestory it fun as hell if yall no of course
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    Official Passion music video

    yea dude ur really late wit the update
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    aerial arcanum?

    i have it on his brave form and u c it onthe preview and stuff
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    Ars Arcumum

    yeah it is it you canuse on sora brave form but it has a different name it,something like arboind arc arcanum,or some word that has to do with air.idk forgot
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    Wut is wrong with u people

    i agreed wit urutapu.i just dont think da voice suit her personality.It just doesnt fit da aura around her
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    Drive forms (minor spoiler)

    there 2?,i thought there was only 1 secret form,and dat the anti form.
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    wat did roxas mean when he said....

    u guy dont worry who it is we will found out eventually when the game come out.it only like 30 day.come on now there no need to argue.