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  1. 01blackblind

    The weird but stupid days thread! :D

    Post here of anything weird, stupid, or your just pissed off that happened to you that day. Like for example: October 18,2012. I go to my locker, and a girl gives me 10 cents. Something I don't need.....-_- Can't even buy anything with it...
  2. 01blackblind

    I have a question.

    How do you delete a post if you don't want it on there?
  3. 01blackblind

    7 billionth baby born on earth!

    I am really amazed about that. Seven billion people are on this earth now!~ But they say it's bad because people can't feed the babies on earth, which I think is rather stupid. If you can't feed it don't have it.
  4. 01blackblind

    Have you ever.....

    Have you ever gotten yelled at by someone who is bumped into not on purpose and you said "Exucuse me" like a million of times.
  5. 01blackblind

    Help/Support ► Scared of (what's in) the dark

    Am afraid of the dark. I like to see where am going, not in the dark tripping over things.
  6. 01blackblind

    Where is your favorite place to go on vacation?

    Where is your favorite place to go on vacation? Mine is Myrtle Beach.
  7. 01blackblind

    Is it good?

    Is it good to have a mother to fight with her child?
  8. 01blackblind

    Why the crap does there need to be?

    Why the crap does there need to be a cover for the DVD case if the DVD case is protecting the DVD?
  9. 01blackblind

    Where can I?

    Where can I buy a cheap PSP at?
  10. 01blackblind

    Did you know?

    Did you know that during the mission to kill bin laden, the US has spent about 2 billion dollars every week for the pass ten years.
  11. 01blackblind

    Naruto Shippuden Ulimate Ninja 4. What do I do?

    What do I do after the shippuden part 1 is finished? Because it is telling I have to look for Jiraiya's frogs, hunt all the no face gangsters, and finish like a d rank mission? I want to ahead and save Gaara!~
  12. 01blackblind

    Worlds are locked after Hollow Bastion pt. 2? What's going on? HELP please!

    So did you defeat that boss man in the tron and the space world? Because I know that takes awhile to do.
  13. 01blackblind

    Help/Support ► Being Gay in a religion that is horribly against gays.

    I just wanna say great job for not being scared to tell people. Because it doesn't really matter what they like, just about what you like. It's like anime to me. People think that am weird because wear all these anime shirts, and bring manga to school. I didn't listen to them because it what I...
  14. 01blackblind

    What is the stupided thing you have ever seen on the computer that doesn't make sense.

    Mine was people saying that there is a planet right behind the sun, which I don't understand how because the sun would burn it up and turn it to ashes.
  15. 01blackblind

    What was the first anime you ever watched?

    Mine was Pokemon because I was little back then when I started to watch anime,then Sailor Moon, then Naruto.......and I forgot all of he rest of the anime I had watch after Naruto.
  16. 01blackblind

    Yay it's over! Happy summer vaction time!~

    School is finally out!~ Yay!~ And the storm is over with and the gas prices are down to $3.39!~ Where am at it is being okay!~ Yay for summer vaction because of no getting up early in the morning for a boring day!~
  17. 01blackblind

    Fanfiction ► FanFiction.Net Profile Directory

    Re: Fanfiction.net account thread Mine is 01blackblind!!!~~
  18. 01blackblind

    Help/Support ► I need help!~

    What does URL mean, because still can't get a picture on here.
  19. 01blackblind

    Help/Support ► I need help!~

    Okay thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!~~~~~
  20. 01blackblind

    Help/Support ► I need help!~

    How do you put pictures on your signiture? (Sorry can't spell.:tongue:)