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    The Dark Soldier/Masked Wielder

    yeah! that's why MX doesn't necessarily wield one right?
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    The Dark Soldier/Masked Wielder

    i kinow i like posted a second after you
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    The Dark Soldier/Masked Wielder

    will it be revealed in days?... and shalacked equals ass kicked i thinnk between roxas and xion you get at least some chunck of a heart
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    The Dark Soldier/Masked Wielder

    this would also explain why aqua and ven are SHALACKED and hold on I thought of something... if nobodies can wield keyblades.... and TVA can... and humans... why not heartless???
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    Aqua possibly evil?

    well, the Khinsider member "Aqua" yeah I think she's got enuf evil to cover it lol
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    Lit ► Pendragon Anyone?

    So there is this awesome 10-book series called Pendragon by D.J. McHale anyone heard of it?
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    Aros the not so Lost

    So, I'm back guys I know, I left extremely abbruptly and should have said somethin (for some of those who actually knew me [I wasn't a very active member]) and I'm trying to be a better member I see already how some people's post count has skyrocketed and that makes me :lol: but besisdes the...
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    Calm before the storm

    could anyone direct me to a conrtiversal issue... I'm not suprised this is all just basically the calm before the storm. when the release dates are almost up so i'm guessing the pieces will start falling into place with the release of one game after another
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    Help/Support ► Im hurting inside

    :lol: man that's what I'm talking about follow your heart it will lead you where your meant to be
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    Why did the KK need a successor???

    :confused: as I said: why did the KK need a successor??? I mean if Terra possesed it why did he need to give it away if he's stronger
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    Help/Support ► Im hurting inside

    I know these kind of things cause I had 3 gfs at the same time but had to dump 2 fore I got in trouble just ask why, and if she wants to go, let her there are millions of fish in the sea but if you really like her, ask why then try to fix, it if she'll let you, and if she doesn't let her go or...
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    Who is the person in Olympus?

    Yeah if it wasn't him who else could it be... Noone!!!!11
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    I thought it was Fenrir I just wasn't sure, and I never received fatal crest so...
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    Does anyone know exactly which keyblade these are and are they from KH2????
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    Is it possible?

    not yet the thread has not yet been closed
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    If you just wanna talk

    Anybody just wanna talk??? I don't care what topic as long as it's not against the rules
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    A Missing Letter?

    Stupid dog you make me look bad, BOOGABOOGABOOGA AUGHHHHHHH! yeah I hate not knowing what it said
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    All About KH2 FM+

    so does everybody else, I mean seriously
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    POTC in BBS?

    Go Kameo!!!!! but it doesn't matter about being live-action or not I mean it's cool either way
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    zo em gee soras jacket

    OH! pirate talk yeah I liked his hoodie in KH1 stupid pirates -pirateoh we've got ships not like ninjas don't have them P.S. welcome to the forums