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  1. SephirothZ

    I am wondering.

    It is a bundle. KH HD 2.8 comes with: -KH Dream Drop Distance HD (Originally a Nintendo 3DS game remade for the PS4) -KH BBS 0.2 -KHX Back Cover (cinematic)
  2. SephirothZ

    0.2's Secret ending/ ending ideas?

    that is the best type of secret ending. :P I truly believe the point of a secret ending is to get the forums in a frenzy!
  3. SephirothZ

    Help/Support ► Love question

    Well, she may be sleeping with another cop already, an odd one too in my honest opinion. She may not be the type of girl I thought she was it seems. I am talking to someone else, so hopefully that helps me get over her.
  4. SephirothZ

    Help/Support ► Love question

    She does not want to talk to me at all right now. I asked her that same question "during" the breakup conversation, she said she does not know at this moment. It's cool though, I think I just wanted some closure because the text conversation was not the best. A part of me thinks she did it...
  5. SephirothZ

    Help/Support ► Love question

    ^ I am not a confrontational person and I believed it was ill advised to talk about her precious dog without thinking about what to say first. I dont rush into things on a whim. Expecting some type of closure and saying it is difficult to find quality single women is not something I would...
  6. SephirothZ

    Help/Support ► Love question

    Tried to stay in touch, nothing emotional, and she kind of blew up on me. I think this is the best closure I will be able to get. Oh well. :( Back on the prowl, so hard to meet good women these days!
  7. SephirothZ

    Help/Support ► Love question

    Thanks for the advice, I'll try to text her every so often without bringing up feelings and emotions. However, do you think I should eventually try to meet her by asking her to meet (not randomly bumping into her, lol) and talk about the breakup? In that conversation, if things go well, I would...
  8. SephirothZ

    Help/Support ► Love question

    Hey guys and girls (would definitely love to hear from both genders here), just wondering if anyone is willing to give their perspective on something I have been frustrated with for a couple weeks now. Some of this is going to sound a little foolish or petty, it may not, I dont know: 6 months...
  9. SephirothZ

    KH2.8 - How will you start it?

    Ill probably watch Back Cover first because it will be completed the fastest... It will also be the most boring if it is anything like Days and Coded on the Remixes... Second, I will play 0.2 because it is new and because it will probably not take as long as DDD Lastly, DDD because it will be...
  10. SephirothZ

    Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8 Final Chapter Prologue Announced

    Re: Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8 Final Chapter Prologue announced I doubt 9 different games could fit into one package like that. I am no tech guy, but I would think that is almost impossible.
  11. SephirothZ

    Kingdom Hearts 2.9 - Opening Title / Main Menu Concept

    I feel the same way about Chi to be honest. I am still holding out hope because I doubt they release DDD by itself when both of the other Remixes had 3 titles.
  12. SephirothZ

    I unlocked Secret Episode without 100%ing anything?

    Do you need to defeat 9,999 Unversed with each character or total?
  13. SephirothZ

    Always first in Rumble Racing......??

    I won every single race for all three characters. Like someone else said, they rubberband you until the last lap. Would not mind having rumble racing in KH3, but it needs to be more difficult.
  14. SephirothZ

    If Deep Jungle was in KH2, what would the story have been?

    You guys have got me interested in the idea now. Queen La would be a great choice. With her "body switching" abilities, that could make for a unique boss battle as well.
  15. SephirothZ

    So way back when...

    When I first saw the trailer I was pretty young and never really talked about KH theories before. I thought Ven was Sora and Aqua and Terra were his parents facing the big bad guy. Obviously there is a lot wrong with that theory now, but hey, a kid had to dream right. :)
  16. SephirothZ

    How in the world do you beat Ice Cream Beat?

    I hated this mini-game. One of the most, if not the most, difficult mini-game in the series.
  17. SephirothZ

    The Official Voice Actor Discussion Thread

    Re: The Official VA Discussion Thread - What VAs do you want to see return for KH3? I dont know if it has already been mentioned, but playing BBS in 2.5 Remix made me think of it. Aqua's voice actor is pretty iffy throughout the game. Hopefully the VA either gets better or they get a new one...
  18. SephirothZ

    Learn any new tricks?

    The first time I played KH2, I was pretty young. Probably the easiest trick in the game that I learned on the 2.5 Remix was Magnet + Thundaga. It got to the point where the basic enemies were not a challenge, so I decided to not use it unless I was in trouble.
  19. SephirothZ

    Nitpicks and the little things

    I found demyx quite hard as well. I thought my angry days over video games were over, but I was genuinely frustrated with that fight. I think I went a whole minute of getting pummeled and could do nothing about it. Anti-Sora is a freaking beast.
  20. SephirothZ

    How's everyone enjoying it?

    The way I did it: Master form and react after he stops. If you react while he is still switching behind you, you will get into a switching dance which wastes time.