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  1. anniinan

    KH 2.8 E3 2016 Trailer Confirms Worldwide December 2016 Release

    I wasn't hyped. I was so fed up that STILL no KH3, but yet another sequels. Wasn't even going to watch this. NOW I'M SO HYPED, I NEED TO BUY PS4. I. NEED. IT. AND I NEED THIS. ;____; Just take my money
  2. anniinan

    KH names

    Whoa I feel dumb right now. Didn't know the Yen Sid thing either.
  3. anniinan

    Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep Features Capes on the Armour!

    Re: Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep features Capes on the Armour! "Did I miss something? Am I late? What has happened?" Oh dog this is too much for my tired brains :D The cape just needs a TADAAH fanfare. I just wonder what were they thinking, adding the cape lake that. Why they didn't make it...
  4. anniinan

    KH names

    I was wondering the other day what is the meaning of "Eraqus" since Aqua, Terra, Ventus and Vanitas are latin and stand for water, wind and vanity. I didn't find a translation for Eraqus :D Didn't know it's an anagram from Square. :D
  5. anniinan

    Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep Features Capes on the Armour!

    Re: Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep features Capes on the Armour! Can't stop laughing at the Magical Cape Sprouting from Terra's back. I can't overcome this. :D
  6. anniinan

    I got 2.5!

    I'm having hard time to decide.. Both? :D BBS because it was on PSP and even though I love it, it's hard to play it, the screen is small, grainy, the analog stick is hard to use and slips easily and I get a headache from the position. But I loved the command deck system and the plot! I'm eager...
  7. anniinan

    I got 2.5!

    Oh boy. I have said this a million times but please be December already. I want to get my hands on this.
  8. anniinan

    Kingdom Hearts 2.5 Trophy List Revealed!

    I VOLUNTEER!! I VOLUNTEER (as tribute). Today I nearly threw my PSP out of the window because of Ice Cream beat. (and then again because of the fruitball but I've done all of them once already so I know I can do it)
  9. anniinan

    What Kingdom Hearts are you excited the most to play again in full HD?

    Re: what kingdom hearts you excited the most to play again in full HD BBS. It's good to be able to play it on full screen and I hope that they really put an effort for the remastering on that one. It's fun on PSP, but really grainy. And i'm itching to see what's different in Final Mix version...
  10. anniinan

    Not Impressed With the "Limited Edition" ...

    I feel so bad that I decided not to order KH1.5 as collectors edition, but bought FFXHD as collectors edition. And to be honest, KH2.5 artwork would have been more beautiful than in 1.5. And why they didn't give us a Keyblade keychain instead of a _pin_? I'm a bit disappointed to this...
  11. anniinan

    Sora's Personality in DDD

    I hope KH3 makes Sora act more like he was in KH1. Then he was cheerful, confident and didn't worry too much but he was believable, not overly annoying and so one dimensional. I have no idea what Yen Sid fed or made Sora drink before he went to sleep because it seemed like he was high the whole...
  12. anniinan

    WAIT wait... wait...

    Oh no. I'm sick and tired of the red clothing.. Please just use the black clothes and forget the frigging red, we have seen it already a million times
  13. anniinan

    Worlds of Kingdom Hearts | Star Wars is here, bby! Other live action films?

    Re: Worlds of Kingdom Hearts - What worlds do you want to see in KH3? I had to register just to say this! I hope that they include Pocahontas to KH3, I think the story would fit really well. Radcliffe wants a war and is willing to do anything for it, Heartless appear and SDG saves the day just...