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    The First Day ..

    i noticed that too, but i guess its just a minor continuity-screwup, nothing to worry about.
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    Currently doing a level 1 run

    i felt exactly the same. at the end of the game i couldnt believe how good i had become. i could finish off sephiroth on lv1 no problem! definitely the most fun ive ever had with any KH game. tell me when your trying to get through the caves of remembrance, i myself am still stuck on the third...
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    Everyone forgets Ven

    but soras stations didnt have his friends on them, roxas stations did. soras stations showed the PoH. i do agree with the second part about the timeframe though. didnt xigbar say something like "why do you always look at me like some sad puppy?" or something along those lines? i might be...
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    When Sora dies in Kingdom Hearts II.......

    then what about CoM? if you die there, it shows soras heart floating above him, just like in KH1. purebloods dont, do they?
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    Zexion/Inzeo Theory

    i read somewhere, in the ansem reports i think it was, that when a human nobody is created, the personality and memories carry over 1:1, while the physical appearance may change slightly. whether looking 10 years older can be considered a 'slight' change of appearance, that's up for discussion...
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    Catch me up on the timeline, please.

    wow that's perfect. thanks guys.
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    Catch me up on the timeline, please.

    i dont remember much from CoM so could someone please compile a list of the events in days in relation to the events in CoM? you know, for example when roxas fell asleep and stuff. thanks.
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    KH2 vs sephiroth

    probably sounds douchy to brag about something like this, but i beat sephy on lv1 (dont ask, FM exclusive thing) with KK, and i didnt even get hit once. it's pretty easy to memorize how you have to evade/block his attacks.
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    Your lowest level

    That would be level 1 and Xemnas was still no challenge...
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    KH2 Final Mix Ending Problem

    i dont know what difficulty you're playing on but when i was playing on proud and critical, i had the option to save on the battle report screen. im not sure if the lower difficulties even have a battle report. if your game doesnt get that far, maybe there's something wrong with your disc?
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    Traverse Town Tabloids #1: Is Nintendo banking on the Success of Kingdom Hearts?

    well the wii is know for being more of a family console than anything else. putting kh on th wii would probably casualize the franchise even further. kh2 was already way to easy, what will happen to kh3 if it comes to a console liek the wii??
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    1000 Heartless battle.

    yeah that fight is exactly where im stuck at my lv1 file. stupid sorcerers... i thought the 1k heartless fight was pretty cool. but only in fm+ because you have the limit form there.
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    i cant seem to figure out how to use limits properly (and im on my 2nd lv1 playthrough!). is it normal that the finisher appears even when the limit bar is still full? or should i watch out for special button combinations? and whats the deal with trinity limt? how is its damage calculated?
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    final mix ability confusion

    no it only multiplies the tech exp, the experience you get from deflecting magic and parrying some attacks. edit: typo...
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    final mix ability confusion

    thank you. i still dont know exactly what it does, but im guessing it enhances magic. (i doesnt give me extra mp) there are a few new combo finishers, leaf veil (makes you invincible when casting cure), tech up and encounter up (+my mystery ability?). think thats pretty much it. tech up...
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    final mix ability confusion

    _ _MPアシプ i cant figure out the first two, they look really blurry on my tv. (thats katakana, right?)
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    final mix ability confusion

    geez, why couldnt i think of that! thanks!! no but seriously any help? btw the words "this guide" are a link to the guide im using (which happens to be hosted at gamefaqs).
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    final mix ability confusion

    so im playing final mix, and according to *this guide* goofy should learn evolution at level 30, but the name of the ability in the game and the ap cost dont match. its 00MP000 (0=japanese sign) 1 AP i couldnt find this ability on the other characters either so does anyone know what this...
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    Terra Battle

    yeah i did. but i dont think leveling your stats is that important. i beat him on level 99, proud mode, without any stat items but the ones you find in treasure chests. the important thing is evading his attacks and getting the most damage out of each opening.
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    KH Novel Translations - Official Thread

    Re: Axel--Seven Days Game Novel translation Wow, it even explains why that desk in the twilight mansion was broken. When examining it in the game it just said "it must have been destroyed by someone really powerful" or something like that. Kinda shows how much the devs had to take out of the...