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  1. Jiynnx

    New Famitsu Scan + Ending Info!

    Re: KH3D's ending is shocking, also there's a secret movie. Absolutely beautiful scans, thanks for sharing them! I am intrigued by the "shocking" ending.
  2. Jiynnx

    KH3D Japan Release Date Confirmed + Edition info!

    Re: KH3D Japan Release Date Confirmed! I hope that this comes to the UK. I need this.
  3. Jiynnx

    whatis your sadst moment in kingdom hearts

    When Roxas disappears and is reunited with Sora. I found it sad, when I played through KHII after 'Days, I found it even more sad (because by then I'd played 358/2 days and became even more attached to Roxas). Also when Axel says to Sora that he wanted to see Roxas, because he was the only one...
  4. Jiynnx

    Thoughts On Halloween Town?

    I looove Sora's form for Halloween Town. I liked this world too, it's one of my favourites though I really reaally hate whenever Lock, Shock and Barrel appear.
  5. Jiynnx

    New Birth By Sleep screens

    Thank you so much for sharing these. Tiny Ventus is cuuute.
  6. Jiynnx

    Favourite Quotes

    Axel to Sora "I wanted to see Roxas. He...was the only one I liked...he made me feel...like I had a heart." Roxas' and Axel's frienship is so sweet. ;-;