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  1. Xpectra No. Zero

    Xion, Axel & Roxas or Kairi, Riku & Sora?

    well if you had the oportunity to be with one of these teams who do U prefer? In my opinion, i think be with xion axel and roxas, could be amazing,,,i dunno but they are more relaxes than The group of Sora,,,,,they are kind of stupids,,,,,,haha and talking about Roxas and the others, are more...
  2. Xpectra No. Zero

    What do you Think about Xion?

    LOL....haha relax we know we know....Xion is the shame of the game xD
  3. Xpectra No. Zero

    What do you Think about Xion?

    -.- Xion hasn't personality xD and....well ¬¬ the people think she puts emotion into Roxas story =/ but... no...she is only the sadness part of the story ¬¬ XDXD IS THE SHAME !! XDXD...the character who has the award and is very important in Roxas' Story is AXEL ...he puts all the emotion there...
  4. Xpectra No. Zero

    What do you Think about Xion?

    Well i´m not saying.."I Hate Xion" i just think she can put more emotion to the story....i only buy the game ´cos OMG!! obviously ´cause is KINGDOM HEARTS... anyway...What was the goal of Axel when he arrived on the organization?....in the secret journal Saix says something about their...
  5. Xpectra No. Zero

    What do you Think about Xion?

    ¬¬ ok i just need to say----XION what happened with she? ¬¬ is kind of crazy or What?!....i know she just wanted save Roxas....but i didn´t like when she said.."i need return with Sora, and you have to come with me, Roxas" and then fight with him...So.. HEllo XION?! can´t you explain all to...
  6. Xpectra No. Zero

    Am I the only one who....

    No...you aren´t the only one....i loved kh2....xD i think was better than KH1...to be honest i prefer the story about roxas and the nobodies....i don´t like a lot Sora i don´t hate him tought...just i think Roxas' story was more interesting...XD i almost cry with it.
  7. Xpectra No. Zero

    Do you think KH "3DS" ...

    yeah...relax,,,,i just said "if they do a Kh 4 xbox"...but...Nomura isn´t interesting in a KH for it....so...U.u Everybody who has XBOX360 and likes KH(like me)..WE can cry =(
  8. Xpectra No. Zero

    Do you think KH "3DS" ...

    ohh shoot U.u i think it could be a great idea a kingdom hearts from xbox...=o ´cos i played the last final fantasy on it,,,and was Really Awesome.....but anyway...=/ i dunno how can they make new games about kingdom hearts O.o haha REally has A LOT OF SECRETS!!
  9. Xpectra No. Zero

    Do you think KH "3DS" ...

    i heard about 3DS...but what will be the difference between the others DS?? TT.TT......=/ and why only FOR 3DS u.U....it could be better One game of Kingdom HEarts for Xbox360 =D!!!they never did a Kingdom HeARTS 4 Xbox U.u
  10. Xpectra No. Zero

    Riku became a heartless? and if that is right, why he does not have a nobodie?

    NO, Riku says he is a nobody ´cos he has a lot of darkness into him...but he isn´t really a nobody...has his heart, but is lost in the darkness........the point here is that he never lost his heart,,,so he isn´t a heartless,,and that means, he can´t has a nobody.....
  11. Xpectra No. Zero

    =O the secret journal in KH 358/2 days, What it say?

    =) sorry but,,,,i don´t have all the secret diaries....remember?,,when you read Roxas' journal, if you play a lot, then you have other information like "a secret journal", but is this important? what it says? please i need to know!!
  12. Xpectra No. Zero

    so i got KH Re:Chain of memories...

    well....i did it!! =s xD but is the same in all the floors...he find somebody..well in this case Nobody, who fights with him..and then he give you a card...What are these things?
  13. Xpectra No. Zero

    If i Wanna Understand All about Kh!! i Just have a question about axel and roxas!!

    =) hi, well i have a simple question, please i need that you answer it....What is the moment..when axel and roxas are talking on the twilight tower... they are talking about the hearts...Roxas is saying good bye to Axel....but..When was this happening? ...Are their bodys on the tower or their...
  14. Xpectra No. Zero

    What You Like/Dislike about Days and why:

    so, you didn´t dissapoint with something =O like...i don´t know, maybe the panels or the days, ´cos they weren´t all 358 days. U.u
  15. Xpectra No. Zero

    What You Like/Dislike about Days and why:

    i like everything ^^,,,,just i´m dissapoint ´cos there isn´t a secret final, and you spend the panels with the level U.u...Ohh yeah!! and roxas doesn´t change his clothes when visits other world =)
  16. Xpectra No. Zero

    Ventus appearance in 358/2 Days? *SPOILERS*

    yeah, remember, in almost at the end, Somebody, i can´t remeber who, explain that Xion is like a mirror, the person who is in front of her, can see....amm i don´t remeber if is the person, who you wanna see...or if is something about your past, or...argh! sorry i can´t remember =S!!
  17. Xpectra No. Zero

    so i got KH Re:Chain of memories...

    mmmm well....i never played it, but i saw in youtub...the walktrought of the game,,,,this game is necesary to understand the story, i didn´t like so much than the others Kh ´cos they´re just walk and fight and walk and fight xD...anyway, my question here is.....=s while sora is in the castle...