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  1. VanitasRemnant

    Spoilers ► The identity of Yozora, a known lost Keyblade wielder ? (WITH ENGLISH SUBTITLES)

    Personally, I think he's Noctis Lucis Caelum. Some might find that hard to believe, but there's just something about his character that reminds me of him.
  2. VanitasRemnant

    News ► Kingdom Hearts music appears at the Olympic Games Tokyo 2021

    It's honestly wild that that happened, its amazing how far the series has come.
  3. VanitasRemnant

    So...are Xion and Roxas half brother and sister?

    I mean, if you wanna liken it to real life then sure. Roxas is Sora and Ventus' son, Xion is Sora and Roxas' daughter, and Namine is Sora and Kairi's daughter. But this is KH, so how things would be defined in real life don't really apply here.
  4. VanitasRemnant

    News ► A Kingdom Hearts Disney Plus CGI series is rumored to be in the works

    Yeah I agree, I can perfectly understand people disliking some of the story decisions that Nomura makes and thinking the story is unnecessarily too complex (I mean I've been a fan for a while and have played every game at least twice and I too forget somethings and how everything connects to...
  5. VanitasRemnant

    Your Reaction To KH3 Ending?

    Personally, I was shocked that Ansem the Wise and Terra didn't die, I expected both of them to not get a happy ending. I was also shocked by Sora disappearing in the end. However, most of it wasn't shocking to me and overall I say the ending is alright. My biggest problems with the end of KH3 is...
  6. VanitasRemnant

    What is your favorite limit?

    Re: What is favorite limit? I like most of em, but Eternal/Final Session is my favorite.
  7. VanitasRemnant

    Xion should had been Kairi's Nobody

    Aside from clothing and hairstyle Namine looks exactly like Kairi. I prefer Namine as a character overall anyway so I prefer for her to be Kairi's Nobody rather than Xion.
  8. VanitasRemnant

    Cheap Way to Defeat Vanitas Sentiment.

    That's got to be the cheapest way I've ever seen.
  9. VanitasRemnant

    [Spoilers] Jump Festa 2012 Coverage! (Trailer Downloads in First Post!)

    If it will be realeased in March next year in Japan. Then hopefully it will be realeased by summer time next year in North America! If not earlier! I mean I really wonder who that young looking Master Xehanort guy is! I assume he must be a young version of Terranort or of Master Xehanort. Sense...
  10. VanitasRemnant

    Theory for Kingdom Hearts DDS

    Sora failing be lke Ansem(Seeker of darkness) embracing the light and becoming good it aint gonna happen.
  11. VanitasRemnant

    Theory for Kingdom Hearts DDS

    I dont think somebodies hair is connected with their fate.LOL.
  12. VanitasRemnant

    Are you really a Nobody?

    Xemnas is not special hes a normal nobody with no heart and no emotions.He didnt come from a person with 3 hearts only one.Xeahnort has Terras body and soul but MX heart.The heart went to Ansem SOD which is why they are so much the same and Terras body and Soul went to Xemnas.Remember when...
  13. VanitasRemnant

    Kh bbs Who would win?

    Who do you think would win in a fight?You can post there abilities and there certain skills and advantages as to why.Here are the chioces who would win out of a free style brawl? Terra-Xeahnort Vanitas Vanitas Remant Venitas(X-Blade) Master Xeahnort Terra Aqua Ven Master Eraqus Mysterious Figure...