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  1. Cloud2121

    Sora's Heartless

    I have been thinking about the boss fight with Sora's heartless lately, and this idea popped up. What if sora's heartless came back as a problem in kh3? For example, maybe lafter releasing Ven's, Roxas', and possibly Xion's heart, Sora's heartless, provoked by the pain he is supposed to...
  2. Cloud2121

    How did you fall in love with Kingdom Hearts?

    I remember when I first set eyes on this majesty of a game. I was at wal-mart when I passed a crate full of video games. I picked up a copy of Re:COM and saw SE was in the cover and turned the box over and saw Cloud, Yuffie, Aeris, Peter Pan, etc. I took it to my dad who said I could have it...
  3. Cloud2121

    News ► KINGDOM HEARTS HD 1.5 ReMIX Trophy List Revealed!

    I'm going to complete this list! >W< And to think that I actually completed KH without changing my equipment on my very first play through! Who would've thought I would get a trophy now for it. I wish i could transfer my memory card data though. . . . Unchanging Armor you're mine!!!!!!! >:3
  4. Cloud2121

    What summons would you like in KH3?

    Yeah I just wanted to discuss something else with you peoples! :D What summons do you want in KH3? I want to see Leviathan IfritBahamutShiva and Phoenix as summmons in KH3. Please no more useless disney summons. Genie was the only useful summon there. -_-
  5. Cloud2121

    News ► Re: Chain of Memories HD Screenshots from Famitsu!

    Re: Chain of Memories HD Screenshots from Famitsu! I loved the battle system! I just loved the complexity of it and the feeling of victory when I break my opponents sleights. >:D I also have unconditional love for this game, it was my very first KH game. :3 Yay for a remaster!
  6. Cloud2121

    What are you ideas/opinons of Sora becoming evil?

    I would like to hear you opinions of the topic above and such. I really want to see if others share my ideas of Sora becoming evil. I believe that he deserves to give in at least once and take out his anger at everybody who crossed him. I firmly believe that Riku and Kairi should go looking for...
  7. Cloud2121

    Wher would i post this?

    Yeah so i want to post a thread about sora becoming evil, *Dodges flaming glasses*, but don't know where to put it. :/ Please help a noob out, I'll lurve you if you help me! :D
  8. Cloud2121

    Who Is/Are Your Favorite Playable Organization XIII Member(s)

    I really enjoyed playing as Saix, Xaldin, and Marluxia. My faves right there. >:3
  9. Cloud2121

    New and akward ^_^'

    Hi I`m new and a kh fanatic! ^w^ Please don't smite me if I do something only a total noob would do. Dx
  10. Cloud2121

    Kingdom Hearts 3 Forshadowing

    HI! I wanted to do was discuss what the picture below could mean. I know it's birth by sleep and it's not kingdom hearts 3, but I believe that it would be somehow tied to KH3. For example, Mickey saves Aqua, Riku saves Ventus, and Sora saves Terra. Maybe that's why Terra, Aqua, and Ventus picked...