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    Oh my....................Not This was confirmed a long time ago
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    Could someone tell me where the dark crystal is at thats the last synthesize item i need
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    2 day count down starts Now

    Im going till Friday....Itpretty much stinks to wait even longer
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    a pic of Zexions Weapon!

    Its fake in the bottom it says husband 13 all they did was put zexion and the rights from artwork from ultamania and they put the weapons there
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    What Games Will Be Keeping You Busy Until KH2 Comes Out?

    Ill be playing FFX and Fifa 06 Madden 06 and kh1
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    GameInformer's KH2 Review

    I got the magazine yesterday and they said good things about the game
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    If there was a secret boss...

    Probably some of the organazation members the ones from chain of memories
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    has anyone seen any KH2 comercials yet?

    They will probably be out by next week I mean if they don't Kh2 will go out noticed by some people.
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    Attack Cards and Stats

    No how to UNLOCK them to find THEM in a moogle shop
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    axel kills vexen! awsome!

    Actually they are fire and wind see here http://www.khinsider.com/info/kh2characters/axel.shtml
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    Attack Cards and Stats

    Could someone tell me where to get all of Sora's keyblade cards and also could anyone tell me what are the Max stats for Riku and Sora
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    copying off of capcom

    Man Wind Waker had the reaction command before God of War and Residen Evil 4 but not as much but so what every company takes from others to make it the best game Ever!
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    I don't think they're done yet because they got it recorded but now I think they are like putting up finishing touches so it will sound right.
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    Limited editon strategy guide

    When you reserve Kh2 does it come with the limited edition guide or do you have to reserve that separately to get it.
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    the new interveiw

    Where can i see the interviews
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    How many of your friends know/played kh1?

    Well I think there are people who play it that like it alot but don't want to admit thinking they would be made fun of. Like one of my friends I asked him if he liked Kh he said it was gay and next thing you know I was at his house he had the game and told "Yeah Very gay"
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    Oblivion Keyblade

    Could it be possible that the Obliivion keyblade be the one Riku used when Ansem was in control of him.Couldnt be it since Riku always said "Welcome Oblivion" when you fight. It could've changed when Sora turned into a heartless, well if it's part of a Kh2 spoiler dont tell since when Sora uses...
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    Not enough Order members in KH2

    Well I think what they should have done is put the dead organazation members in a tournament like what they did to Sephiroth in Kh so you could fight them over and over.
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    did anyone notice ?????????????????

    I don't think thats reaaly Pluto I say that one of the organazition members made a fake one like they made the fake Riku that pluto is taking them to traps
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    If you were to make your own KH2 world...

    Hey KeyBladeWielder you do know Atlantica is Disney's somehow version of Atlantis (once the city is sunken because they have too many similarities