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  1. MindOverdrive

    Least favourite KH1 world?

    For me it was definitely Agrabah, from the repetitive music to the world specific heartless that world always just seemed to drag on for me, especially once it got to the point within the Cave of Wonders. The story was okay as well as Aladdin as a squad-mate but I still always just want to get...
  2. MindOverdrive

    Your favorite world!

    I found Halloween Town to be the most fun when it came to aesthetic and design, it had one of the more expansive plots compared to the others and had a much larger scale than most of the worlds. And the heartless there were a bit more challenging considering I was breezing through up until that...
  3. MindOverdrive

    How did you fall in love with Kingdom Hearts?

    I was going through all of my best friends games since he had reached the stage where he only played FPS's and asked if I could borrow the game with the cool cover art and Disney characters. I took it (and never gave it back, shame on me) and was fascinated with the rather unique combat system...
  4. MindOverdrive

    How many people beat Leon at the beginning of KH

    I have always been able to beat him in my playthroughs apart from my very first when I thought he was invulnurable