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    Help/Support ► Let's talk about sex, baby; let's talk about you and me

    Re: [ MATURE ] The Sex Thread [ MATURE ] not a virgin, I lost it to an ex which over time I've regreted, mind you, it was a very enjoyable time whener we did it. I personaly don't think it matters to much if you do it before getting chained up to one person, but then again I dont want to get...
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    Misanthropy is a general dislike, distrust, or hatred of the human race/species or a disposition to dislike and/or distrust other people's silent consensus about reality. What are your takes on this ideology? Are misanthropists just schitsophrenic people with psychological disorders or is there...
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    Lets Figure This Out

    ok, so I holding in my gut the desire that no one has posted this before or done it. I want to figure out a small or series of small puzzles. Every time we figure one out, I or any one else can offer a new puzzle. You guys in? if so lets do this: Oh by the way, don't ruin the game by searching...
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    Viva la libertad -- A Friend

    Viva la libertad -- A Friend
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    Lit ► Who watches the WATCHMEN?

    Watchmen One of the most praised graphic novel. for those of us who have read it, do you think that the approach that Adrian Veidt A.K.A Ozymandias's approach to salvation or peace was the correct one or was Rorschach's of not compiling, allowing one to be seduced by evil no matter the cause...
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    Hardest Re:CoM Boss?

    and I just beat him. now I feel better
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    Hardest Re:CoM Boss?

    Vexen gave me ans still gives me the most trouble. I couldent beat him so I just dropped it for a while I think I'll go kick his a** now.
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    Just another Xion Theory.

    I hd shared this same idea with soem friends... no one I know seems to want to destroy the mistery of Xion. I personaly agree with that thought but I don't think Nomura would put it so plainly and simple for us. at least I hope not.
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    Kingdom Hearts Re: Chains of Memories discussion

    Re: Official Re:CoM in North America Thread some people claim to not want to get this just because they played the gameboy version. I played it, I beat it and I am extatic for this game, I can't wait, plus it will help pass some time for the future games.
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    BBSChaser Theory

    i think you might be putting to much though into the whole chasers creating keybaldes. I dont really agree with some things though a lot wouldnt be bad for the game.
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    Dramatic Hearts XD "Spoilers"

    its preatty ******* funny! nice, work on the oders while you can!
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    I don't get it.

    no all his memories had been altered and she had to put them back slowly and ceargully if not they would have been lost forever. and to answer thae question it was to maniupulate sora alongside roxas to gather hearts
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    OK I was studying the secret videos from the normal game and the FM and realized that in the first secret video (in KH 2) we see the E.S, Aqua and Ven meet at the center of Sunset Horizon and they pick up Sora’s, Riku’s and Mickey’s keyblades. Then we see the battle take place and Ven rush into...
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    does any one have any info. about FFXIII is gona come out, and could you please share it with me?
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    Pic. Request of FS keyblade

    hey can i have a pic. of FS keyblade?
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    Axel's Fire + Mine Sun Symbolism

    OK well Acording to Axel's Fire he found this discovery and i would just like to add more to it why it makes sence! Axel's Fire: In the secret movie for the final mix, the helmets of the soldiers describe where they come from. It uses "solar symbolism" This is what i mean: E.S Helmet: Pointed...
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    Pic. Request plz!

    Could any one give me a picture of the Kings keyblade plz?
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    How do i get those things ppl have under what they write?
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    how to get limit form

    cool thnx i hope i can find the vid.
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    how to get limit form

    WoW thanx you people really helpd LoL!