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    santcuary and its backwards lyrics.

    I don't think the lyrics backwards really meant all that (sorry). But they do sound alike, but that's just it, imagination did the rest. The video was pretty interesting anyway. (Even so, the trully inserted backwards sentences do match the game, but I guess that was already planned...:lol:)
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    Favorite KH2 Org. Member

    I would say Axel, but Roxas is on the list so... (Axel is my second fave)
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    Favourite Moment in KH2?

    Don't know if I can choose, I love the hole game! But guess all the events in TWTNW are the best. Recently, fighting Roxas in FM+ has really got me amazed.
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    WTF moments in Kingdom Hearts....2!

    For me...it is still the beggining of the game. I kept asking over and over again: "WHERE THE HECK IS SORA?" Oh and the scariest thing about Atlantica is Donald...SINGING! That's really "WTF?O_O" And King Mickey being playable got me "WTF? I'M NOT DEAD? MICKEY IS HERE TO SAVE THE DAY?! LOL"
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    Soo...Hi, there! I'm a crazy KH fan who wants to find more crazy KH fans! Yey! (That's not very original...)