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  1. fangsora

    Megaman zero add on

    Do you think that capcom should bring back the form system for zero? Cause i hope im not the only one here but i would like some back story on how zero first obtain these forms. maybe zero found alternate ways to be stronger because the black zero Armour was making him more evil? Also if you...
  2. fangsora

    should i play kingdom hearts DDD before birth by sleep?

    just starting. Meant that i am on the time line.
  3. fangsora

    should i play kingdom hearts DDD before birth by sleep?

    Hello happy new years by the way. For Christmas I received a game stop gift card that has 40$ on it i want to buy DDD because I have a 3ds but I wanna play kingdom hearts birth by sleep but I don't have a psp should I wait to save up for a psp or should i buy kingdom hearts DDD? HAPPY NEW YEARS...
  4. fangsora

    How many kingdom hearts game's will there be the answer is right in front of us

    I bet your wondering fangsora how do you know how many kingdom heart games will there be well its pretty easy? nomura already gave us the answer.The hd remix games if you notice there are 3 games per collection. And for every collection its a number out of .5 for example kingdom hearts 1.5...
  5. fangsora

    Dose any body realy hate Re:coded

    After replaying Re:coded and finishing it it became 1 of my top 5 favorite kingdom hearts game's. After a long search through the internet I wonder if people love Re:coded the same way I did but I was unfortunate. many people hated kingdom hearts Re:coded because of the gameplay but not the...
  6. fangsora

    Ansem's Plans

    Ansem wanted to make sora destroy the organization. Ansem probably wanted kingdom hearts to make light eternal
  7. fangsora

    Kingdom Hearts Website Updates with Re:coded!

    I agree it's kind of said that re coded gets most of the hate. But when people see the movie they might change there mind.
  8. fangsora

    Comparing CoM and Re:CoM

    you know how in some games you can fell the damage that your doing to the boss re:com dose a good job at that.com is more glitch and riku's game play is much beater in re:com with the reaction commands.
  9. fangsora

    How were the world's restored?

    ok here's what happened sora beat ansem seeker of darkness then mickey ,Donald, goofy,riku and sora where closing the door while they were doing that darkness was entering kingdom hearts. remember kingdom hearts is the heart of all worlds when darkness enters a heart the body and soul and heart...
  10. fangsora

    Question About Restoring Sora's Memories

    well the organization had 1 mission on riku and diz seek and destroy riku cant take all of the members at once.He struggled just to fight roxas and roxas wasn't really the strongest member of the organization.
  11. fangsora

    How did you fall in love with Kingdom Hearts?

    I was in middle school in the 6th grade I was friends with the most popular kid in school we started talking about star wars and Disney. My friend asked me if I ever played kingdom hearts I said no then he gave me a copy of the game.
  12. fangsora

    Good Proud Mode Grinding Spots?

    I would choose Olympus coliseum that the perfect spot to level grind specially if you fight sephiroth doesn't he give 500,000 exp?
  13. fangsora

    Roxas lv 99

    I know its really hard but I really want to know if nomura planed player to level up roxas to 99. ok thanks for the tip I wont do 1 sentence post.:smile: thank you
  14. fangsora

    What if Xaldin were Successful? -- Beast's Nobody

    yeah I guess if I had that much power I would try to take over the organization
  15. fangsora

    Destiny Islands Leveling

    the highest level ive got from Destiny Islands was level 5
  16. fangsora

    Is Days Really a Bad Game?

    358/2 days is 1 of the black sheep it takes time getting used to but after a while you can get used to the controls. but 358/2day really is a good game.
  17. fangsora

    What were the names of the characters in Seifer's Gang?

    raj inn and fuu are the other two of sifer's gang
  18. fangsora

    What if there never was CoM?

    my personal opinion I think with out re:com the story would be quite confusing we wouldn't know why there's a organization 13 not a organization 8 and it also explains why 5 people died.
  19. fangsora

    aqua ,ventus,terra dual wielding gone

    ok at the end of kh2 you can see that ventus get's way to dawn aqua get's light seeker and terra get's kingdom key. If they were to dual wield against master xehanort wouldn't that make the battle easier what cant they dual wield anymore.:confused: