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  1. Mister E

    [Spoilers] Jump Festa 2012 Coverage! (Trailer Downloads in First Post!)

    Regarding the Riku & Sora vs. MX CG scene, they are almost certainly the same as they appear in KH2. Definitely some kind of symbolism and foreshadowing, I think.
  2. Mister E

    is Sora superior to Mickey as a keyblade warrior

    If we're going by how superior they are with regard to current canon, then it's Mickey, without a doubt. He's trained for at least 10 years and retrieved the RoD's Kingdom Key presumably all by himself, it's a safe assumption that he's VERY proficient. That said, I believe it's also safe to say...
  3. Mister E

    Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance Volume II: The Search for More Money

    Has Nomura actually touched on what BBS V2 means/is in interviews at all? I do find it a little bit odd that nothing appears to have been said or announced of it. I'm personally of the opinion that BBS V2 is at least in-part DDD, though I've not got much to back that up other than I just have...
  4. Mister E

    Why is Aqua so popular?

    I like Aqua quite a lot myself, mostly because she's a genuinely good person as a character who really cares for her friends, but this also turns out to be her biggest downfall; saving Terra-Xehanort because she believes that Terra can regain control of his body, and thus causing the events of...
  5. Mister E

    Nomura interview!

    I must agree, I'd rather have at least some explanation as to why Sora's back to basics than none at all. It might not be the best explanation ever but it's acceptable.
  6. Mister E

    New 3D Screenshots From Famitsu

    Considering that trailer was made pretty early in development, it wouldn't surprise me if they were literally using the exact same assets for those areas as in KH1. That said, I can't personally see them changing it in the end anyway.
  7. Mister E

    KH3D 60-70% complete!

    I'm going to hazard a guess that the Colosseum building has something to do with the multiplayer feature. It wouldn't surprise me if it's similar to the Mirage Arena, as it worked pretty well in BBS. I'd like to see them follow through with the original plan of having Laguna be the proprietor of...
  8. Mister E

    Kingdom Hearts Concept Sketches + Discussion

    Those sketches are really great; full of character and personality. They actually remind me somewhat of the anime Dennou Coil as well, particularly the ones of Sora. I do sort of wish that the series kept this kind of aesthetic, as it's very unique and arguably more fitting with Disney's aesthetic.
  9. Mister E

    Square Enix email on KH3D

    It's obviously going to be localised anyway; if Re:coded got it then 3D definitely will.
  10. Mister E

    KH3D Famitsu Article (Now with scans!)

    Huh, the personalised Dream Eater colouring reminds me of the customisable Moogle from Crystal Chronicles. Kinda cool.
  11. Mister E

    Nomura interview!

    It was in Famitsu, I believe. They usually get the update interviews with Nomura.
  12. Mister E

    Nomura interview!

    The Inception analogy might not actually be that far from the truth; the trailer shows a short segment of Sora falling down to a large city-scape in his new clothing, which I'm going to assume is what that "falling Soras" scene from the E3 trailer ended up as. As for Destiny Islands, I think...
  13. Mister E

    KH3D Famitsu Article (Now with scans!)

    60-70% already? Man, the Osaka team are workhorses! I admit I have a nagging feeling that the game might feel rushed, but I doubt that'll be the case, to be honest. Realistically, the game's possibly been worked on since early to mid 2010, considering when 3DS devkits probably got distributed to...
  14. Mister E

    New Gameplay Video of Sora's demo from Famitsu

    I've watched it over a few times now, and it does look like a hell of a lot of fun. The freeflow stuff looks really great in terms of gameplay and visuals, and we've not even seen it working with the 3D on yet. It looks roughly about as good as BBS does, and that's a big compliment.
  15. Mister E

    Radiant Garden/Hollow Bastion in DDD!

    I suppose that considering they've gone as far to introduce several of the apprentices as characters in BBS, there has to be some kinda closure as to what exactly happened in Radiant Garden.
  16. Mister E

    Cutscene voice syncro

    Most of Terra's voice acting kinda sounded off for most of the game, unfortunately. As for something I did like that's somewhat related, Aqua's "That's the way!" on the Command Board. Dunno why, it just works with that cute little dance she does.
  17. Mister E

    Beta/final comparison & research [IMAGE HEAVY] [SPOILERS]

    I suspect that the gameplay build shown in that trailer was very early and unfinished, it's probable that they only had some basic actions working by that point in time.
  18. Mister E

    Beta/final comparison & research [IMAGE HEAVY] [SPOILERS]

    Oh, hey, that's actually very useful. Will need to have a look at that later on.
  19. Mister E

    Beta/final comparison & research [IMAGE HEAVY] [SPOILERS]

    Out of interest after playing BBS, I decided to look back on the older trailers and screenshots that were made available way back in 2007/2008, not long after the game was announced. Naturally, there were some clear differences that could be spotted, in both cutscenes and gameplay. I'm going to...
  20. Mister E

    Which character are you best with?

    I've only really played Terra and Ven properly as of yet, but out of the two I'd probably say I'm better with Terra right now. I have only just started Aqua's scenario, but I enjoy playing as her so far.