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    BBS was totally worth it

    well actually you douchefacehead the game was clearly in my posssession before you tried to get your snobby greedy hands all over my presious copy of this game. you got lucky you punk. i could easly smash you into 100000000000 infinity peaces and you wouldn't even know what hit you!!! of course...
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    BBS was totally worth it

    Ok so because of my dumb-o parents, i was unable to preorder the bbs. However, my totally rad older sister (hey guys she's single!!!!:lol:) drove me to the nearest gamestop today. When i got inside i rushed over to the psp section hoping that bbs would be there. Just my luck, i thought to...
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    Miley Cyrus!!

    Shes got a really good voice for singing AND shes a great role model for young girls (and guys I don't judge) these days what do you guys think about her??
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    Porn Video Game?

    Do you think they should make a porn video game/who do you think the main character should be. Ideas -for different scenarios they could have different types of porn. -points for length of session/intensity of orgasm. Discuss.
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    Terra = Riku, Sora = Ven, Aqua = Kairi?

    well he became a heartless
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    Terra = Riku, Sora = Ven, Aqua = Kairi?

    I just wonder if Terra, Ven and Aqua can be Riku, Sora and Kairi, bc Riku and Sora choose the road to the dark, so did terra and ven. But Aqua choose the road to the light. Sora and Riku was kind of defeted by the darkness and had to choose again, so did terra and ven.:31: They all choose the...
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    Everything We Know About Birth By Sleep | Unversed So Far

    Re: Everything We Know About Birth By Sleep | Unbirths So Far She has, what are you talking about? Or do you think her scenario is just a movie?
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    BBS Worlds-Opinionate Away!

    You, my friend, have made a lot of sense. I was thinking the sword and the stone because I want to know what happened to merlin to make him leave his old world...
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    Heartless Cards

    I've never done much with that. In my "Main" we'll call it, I have all the keyblades except for Metal Chocobo, oddly enough, don't have stop, and all the item cards. There are a lot of enemy cards that I don't have. I don't even know how many. What happens when you complete jiminy's journal?
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    If BBS will let you play different storylines...

    I'd play Ven first, because... I saw somewhere that Terra is more powerful, Ven is more quick and agile(Which mean the same thing, I think) and then Aqua is more magic based. Depending if the 3rd character is mickey or aqua, It would either go 1.Ven 2.Terra 3.Aqua or 1.Ven 2.Mickey? 3.Terra...
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    Castle Oblivion/Namine

    I<3Roxas has it perfectly.
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    BBS Worlds-Opinionate Away!

    Haha imagine High School Musical. That'd be hilarious. Terra and MX have a sing-off. And then play 1-on-1 basketball. Think of MX doing an MJ dunk with his tounge out. xD