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  1. NobodyWithAHeart


    Strange Sounds in the Sky 2012 - YouTube Strange Sounds Costa Rica 2012 - YouTube MYSTERIOUS APOCALYPTIC SOUND Costa Rica, Central America Jan.2012. Signs! of Times: Prediction. - YouTube (Skip this one to :50) Not my YouTube channel, but I live in MD and heard one last night at 1 AM. These...
  2. NobodyWithAHeart

    Fanfiction ► Me In the Kingom Hearts Universe (For Fun, Be Creative, And Join In!) :)

    "Aaron! Go to your room, I'm fed up with you, don't even say a word to me EVER again!" my dad yells at me as I hand him my suspension letter and final grades. Although I know I screwed up, I knew one day, it would sadly lead to this. All my life I was left alone to most people, a nobody in a...
  3. NobodyWithAHeart

    How Do RPs Work In This Forum?

    The only roleplaying I do is Warhammer 40k's Dark Heresy, do the roleplays on this forum site work the same way, or is it different?
  4. NobodyWithAHeart

    Somebody PLEASE Answer this?

    Well, Sora is the person who will bring all back together as Yen Sid said xD even ifnomura decides to have a goofy sidestory game on the gameboy advance lol
  5. NobodyWithAHeart

    "Who else will I eat my ice cream with" Has an actual meaning behind it...

    So the ice cream, Axel would take Roxas to Twilight Tower after days on the job, they became friends (in a sense that nobodies could be friends, let alone friendly) and they would have ice cream together. A little later on, Xion joined in and became friends with Roxas and Axel. So there's...
  6. NobodyWithAHeart

    Somebody PLEASE Answer this?

    I love the brancing though, each character in this series always builds up to a well defined important key person in the game. And all this anticipation for KH3 has been coming from me since 2005 lol And 2500? Congrats :)
  7. NobodyWithAHeart

    Somebody PLEASE Answer this?

    I love this interesting plot developing, I guess I should soak in all the stories from the handhelds
  8. NobodyWithAHeart


    What is my purpose Is it the good fight Or the bad fight What is my purpose Is it what I need Or what I want What is my purpose Am I the needed last piece that leads to something greater Or just some pawn that will get used and thrown astray What is my purpose Will I be following it...
  9. NobodyWithAHeart

    Somebody PLEASE Answer this?

    Oh, the mark of mystery to become keyblade masters. Riku CAN'T win, he was corrupted by the darkness, and Sora has a bigger heart. That's the reason Terra was rejected also and Aqua was the favored one. By the way, is Aqua still trapped in the dark realm?
  10. NobodyWithAHeart

    Somebody PLEASE Answer this?

    What happens to Donald and Goofy during the events of Dream, Drop Distance? I don't want them to disappear from the game >:(
  11. NobodyWithAHeart

    Somebody PLEASE Answer this?

    But I'm at a split decision here, I either get a 3ds and KH3d for my birthday, or a PSP and KH:BBS. One is the epic prequel that shows the real enemy, the true purpose of the heros. But on the other hand, I really like the Sora/Donald/Goofy connection so that draws me to KH3d. Which one would be...
  12. NobodyWithAHeart

    Is it me, or do you also get this feeling when playing the series?

    I remember, being 6 years-old, begging my family for my birthday Kingdom Hearts and a Playstation 2. I played that game over, and over, and over. I felt so connected to the story and the characters, it taught me to be more loyal and sociable in school. And at the end, I was actually sad and...
  13. NobodyWithAHeart

    Somebody PLEASE Answer this?

    :D Dude you just solved my big question that has stumped me the past few days, thank you! I really need to play Birth by Sleep don't I? PSP emulator...
  14. NobodyWithAHeart

    Somebody PLEASE Answer this?

    The way I see it: Sora released Kairi's heart at Hollow Bastion, he became a heartless, Kairi led Sora's heartless to light, Sora's heartless was vanquished, Sora came back. That formed Roxas as the Nobody. BUT, Ven was in Sora's heart, so when Sora released Kairi's heart, he also released...
  15. NobodyWithAHeart

    So Nomura said no KH3 in 2012, correct?

    So if that's right, since 2005, Iv'e been sitting waiting for KH3, but instead got stuck with what, 5 handheld sidestories. The only games I fully played through was KH1 and KH2, I don't have the money to go out and get a psp, or a ds, or a 3ds. Do you think Sony should have just kept it on...
  16. NobodyWithAHeart

    A Question About Axel's Death

    So when Axel dies and opens the portal of darkness, is that Sora or Roxas shedding the tear that rolls down Sora's face? If Nobodies such as Roxas, don't have hearts/emotions/feelings, then how could he be sad, how could he shed the tear? And if it isn't Roxas, and it turns out to be Sora...