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  1. TheLastKnight

    Questions regarding Kingdom Hearts's plot

    Yeah. Part of the reason some questions are unanswered are because future games were obviously planned and created, where those questions are answered.
  2. TheLastKnight

    Questions regarding Kingdom Hearts's plot

    You find some of these answers in the other games. As for the question about meddling in other worlds I think of it as the same as Star Ocean, where you can't show people you're from another planet because it'll upset the balance between worlds.
  3. TheLastKnight

    Favorite Reality Shift?

    As the title says, what is your favorite reality shift? If there's a reason, tell us why? I have trouble deciding between Country Of Musketeers where you had to drag the stylus (or my finger, as I did) in the arrow's direction, and occasionally tap the screen a couple times, or Symphony Of...
  4. TheLastKnight

    Tales RPG Series

    The series of the Tales games by Namco and Bandai Namco are awesome, 'nuff said. But really... The Tales RPG series uses a Linear Motion Battle System (LMBS) that I think is really neat and innovative. If you've ever played Star Ocean, the battles are set up the same way, where each character...
  5. TheLastKnight

    Is it worth it?

    No argument there. I was just saying from a point of view that doesn't plan on trading in their PS3. If you want to trade in your PS3 for a PS4, it's a little different. By the time PS3's go obsolete, there will probably be some up and running PS3 emulators though, if you're all into that...
  6. TheLastKnight

    Learning Japanese

    I'm trying to learn Japanese. I took the beginner courses in college so I can pronounce all Hirigana and some Katakana. But, the Chinese Kanji is just beyond me. It's one of the hardest foreign languages to learn that I know of. Chinese would also be extremely difficult. I'm starting to...
  7. TheLastKnight

    Is it worth it?

    Is being worth it even a question? I'm trying to work and save for college but I don't mind spending up to 40 or so dollars on one game that's going to last me a while.
  8. TheLastKnight

    Stupidest Questions

    What are the stupidest questions you've ever been asked? Also, tell us what your sarcastic answer was. If it was a professional conversation at work or something, tell us what sarcastic answer you had in your head. Mine: I'm a shift manager at my dad's small pizza restaurant. The word "Pizza"...
  9. TheLastKnight

    Ansem Fight

    So I just got to the point where Riku fights Ansem after going through The World That Never Was. After the 1st fight being hard enough, Ansem owned me hardcore. I've said before in a couple of threads that I'm on proud, but I restarted the game and am now playing on Standard cause of how bad I...
  10. TheLastKnight

    Height variance - Is this a mistake?

    You should be a video game tester, you pay a lot more attention to detail than the average player. It's nothing I really noticed, or cared about. But if estimating height is something you're good at, estimate the hell out of characters' heights.
  11. TheLastKnight

    Hopes for 2.5 HD

    Well, since the game isn't even announced, my one and only hope is that is comes overseas. I don't see why it wouldn't but we've all been disappointed by our favorite game developers sometime or another.
  12. TheLastKnight

    Do you guys think 2.5 will use the Kingdom Shader?

    I'd guess it's going to use a similar HD method as 1.5. I couldn't see them using the Kingdom Shader for ps3. They need to decide on a CPU to use. PS3 slim wasn't backwards compatible with PS2 mostly because of the difference in CPUs and PS2 used Emotion Engine or something like that. And now...
  13. TheLastKnight

    News ► KINGDOM HEARTS -HD 1.5 ReMIX- Official North America Autographed Lithograph Contest!

    I posted. Mine was about 6th grade. It probably won't win, it's not as touching as the others. Edit: It's probably a mistake on their end about Twitter. At least I hope...
  14. TheLastKnight

    Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 Remix Promo poster

    I wish my GS had stuff like that. They don't have anything cool. I ask all the time. Anyways, I'm also excited to get the art book.
  15. TheLastKnight

    Drop System

    I tend to have to take small breaks for my hands to heal before I start playing again. I don't even use the 3D function much either, as it tends to hurt my eyes, and you have to position the 3DS just right for it to work (Which I know, kinda defeats the purpose of a 3D system). I just play it...
  16. TheLastKnight

    Drop System

    It was with most but I just beat a few without it. There's also the fact I have a regular 3DS and not XL, but my hands are huge and I get hand cramps all the time. Really slows everything down. I was just curious what people thought of the system itself. I take it you probably like it?
  17. TheLastKnight

    Drop System

    Yeah I knew about that stuff, and yup sometimes I'll forget though. I'm playing on Proud which was a HUGE mistake, cause I'm mainly focused on attacking and healing during battles to where the battles really do take forever, and I don't have the time for use of drop-me-nots in battle.
  18. TheLastKnight

    Drop System

    I just bought this game, and I love it. I just really hate switching between characters through the drop system. So, ever be in the middle of a boss fight and you have to drop? I've had it happen to me every boss fight. I suppose a simple solution would be to drop before every boss. I haven't...
  19. TheLastKnight


    Hello. My name is Zero47, but you can call me Zero. I'm a college student that loves watching anime and playing video games. I used to be a member on these forums about 5-6 years ago, maybe even more than that. I had forgotten what email address I made the account under and my password so I just...
  20. TheLastKnight

    PS3 connection help

    Hey guys, I need some help please. My PS3 isn't connecting to the internet. I'm on a wireless connection, and I usually use automatic stuff. I've tried inputing the IP address and other things in manually, but it doesn't seem to help. It keeps saying it's a DNS error, even though I've done most...