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    Ventus (Demo Reel)

    very nice job =D it sounded really good...and do i detect a Brooklyn accent in there...?
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    so 2 questions....one is a spoiler for days aswell

    alright first question, why does venitas look like sora? they wern't merged yet, so why does he take on the apperence of sora? and second question, in days, when xion turns into ven for like a second, whats up with that? i heard an explanation that xion was made from ven or something, but the...
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    secret ending....seriously....?

    what kind of a secret ending is that? yay they ventus and sora merged and was like happy happy joy joy, but that didn't tell us ANYTHING about whats coming in the future >_<, i mean that is the secret video right? i beat it on proud mode, so i didnt get anything else....so thats kinda a...
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    2 things about BBS

    first thing: HOLY CRAP it is hard to find. i wen't out yesterday to gamestop and our local gamestore and both were sold out. LUCKILY i got the last copy left at a kmart. 2nd: iv'e only played for about 2 hours, but its feeling like my favorite KH game, but oh my god is it hard on proud mode...
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    Am I the only one

    idk if i'm going to get it day of....i'm torn between birth by sleep or halo reach....
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    soo a few things i didn't get(spoilers)

    but they had roxas....why the need for xion?
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    soo a few things i didn't get(spoilers)

    anyway, first of all what was with the popsicle stick that said "WINNER" on it? what was the point? was it like saying he was a WINNER for having axel as a friend or something? and my other question is...uhhhhh xion going insane at the end? were the developers just out of idea's or, more likely...
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    The reason why Kingdom Hearts is successful

    personally, i don't play the game AT ALL for the Disney thing, i couldn't care less if there was Disney in the game or not, i play it for the story.
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    Completely done?

    i think the sepherioth in KH2 is like 10X harder than the one in KH1
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    Completely done?

    .....did you complete it on proud mode?
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    is 358/2 days worth getting?

    does it have any real relevance to sora's story? or is it sorta like, "yeah here's what happend to roxas but it doesnt matter at all"
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    KH 3D=KH3?

    well idk if this has been said, or even if its valid(i havent really read up whats going on with KH3 or what KH3D is about, but i remember reading a post here that said that it was confirmed there was going to be a KH3, annnyyyway could KH3D possibly be kingdom hearts 3? i mean if it wasn't i...
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    Everything We Know About 358/2 Days | Xion So Far

    will days have wi-fi? im pretty sure its no, but i just wanted to check, a mod can close this when i get an answer
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    Which will you choose

    so its for sure not gonna have wi-fi right? as for me roxas>everyone else
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    weridest theory ever....

    so he's bisexual?
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    weridest theory ever....

    alrighty here it is: xion is riku's nobody. ok do we know for SURE xion is a girl? i mean riku somewhat looks like a girl with his long hair. as for the heartless part: when riku started using the dark powers he could have every well turned into a heartless. then when when ansem was defeated he...
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    is jesse macartinie comming back for 362/2 days( i can never remember the title....)

    Re: is jesse macartinie comming back for 362/2 days( i can never remember the title.. yea, there is one song that i like by him though, its called "tell her" its pretty good, look it up
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    is jesse macartinie comming back for 362/2 days( i can never remember the title....)

    his voice just sorta fits roxas.....so has he said if he's comming back for the U.S ver of 36(2?)/2 days
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    A very merry unbirthday?

    interestin, i guess its....uhh possible?
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    Pre-Order Your copy of 358/2

    Re: 358/2 Days Release i doubt were gonna get it by summer...