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    About the Prophetic Secret of Fatima

    It's important. It's also about an earhquake warning. No one's forcing you to believe it but I found this message from a forum I was surfing. I'm not advertising the site but to I'll just put the site here so that you can know where to find the article I've read and see if there are other...
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    The touch of square..

    Guys, I just wanna share how I feel and I know that some of you don't feel the same way and I guess I'm just confused a bit how things changed and for starters, with the name "Squaresoft" to "Square-enix". I know Enix isn't new. This is the name in Valkarie Profile in PS1. But at that time I...
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    About a dream

    I want to share a dream of mine and I'm not quite sure where to put it so I will just put it here. It's about a dream I recently had and it kinda seems pretty childish. I mean, something you would here from a kid. Well, just wanna post it coz it will give me a sort of relief. I was dreaming...
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    hardest kh1 boss

    The Neverland Phantom Guy, or the Agrabah Sand Guy.. And before those guys could be fought, Riku(ansem possessed) in Hollow Bastion.
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    Least Favorite world in KH?

    Monstro was confusing to get around but it was okay for me. I didnt like the Alice and Tarzan world very much.. There's something in the environment that I dont like. And somehow on the music.. That's why somehow I dont like playing in the first few parts of the game.
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    rate kh

    I'd rate it 8.6. I really enjoyed it but some parts of the game annoy me. Not because it's hard or anything but because some parts have these annoying feel in my eyes and ears. Not that it irritates my eyes and ears, there are some parts I'm not crazy about. But still, it's one of the best games...
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    What is your highest level?

    Re: What is you highest level? Lvl 84. It seemed like a tough evough Lvl in KH SO i settled there. BTW, 255 can be reached? Did you do it with a cheat thing?
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    ive got past tarzan

    Saratp good for you! Congrats on that ^^
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    How many times have you played KH?

    Re: how many times have u replayed kh Yeah me too. I beat it 3 or 4 times I think. Coz after that, playing again makes me become sick of the game. Even just playing it the 2nd time. I love it though. I just dont like playing the same game over and over again. If KH2 is nearing, that's the time...
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    The Latest good RPG/action/adventure game in your opinion

    What's a good RPG or Action/Adventure Game that's not on the list that you would recommend playing. Maybe not all are action/adventure/rpg but just to make sure. I'm getting bored with my RPgames and I want to buy a new one that's good, too, especially to you guys. So here's the list: 1...
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    Best Horror Game you ever played?

    What's the best horror game you've ever played or a game that wasnt meant for being a horror game but pretty scary anyway? I really loved playing Fatal Frame 2. I've finished the game, but I havent finished it with the very last chapter yet.
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    KH 3-word-story

    I'm not sure if this is allowed. If not, then delete it if you must. KH 3-word-story game! Just continue the 3 words from the recent poster like this: "He went out" then the next poster will say "of the dark" then continue. I'll start One fine morning,
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    Did KH change your aspect over Disney?

    yeah I'm the same. Whenever I see a disney world I keep thinking about Kingdom Hearts and how it was this way and that way. KH got me more interested in the Disney movies and it made me miss the old Disney movies that I used to watch. But i still dont like aladin. I dont even like that KH world...
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    What is it about kingdom hearts...

    Sorry. What I meant was hints and tips, secrets and yeah pretty much how to get the easiest way to get goos and stuff. Anyways, I finished the game when I ws in first year. Im not sure which year in the calendar was that and now I'm about to become 4th yr. The reason it was just this year I got...
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    Help beating Sephiroth

    Actually, there is a good way to beat him. Use the skill that lets sora throw these spinning air thingies (I think that ws strike raid). Equip lots of MP rages (priority!), have preferably curaga already, that skill, and maybe elixers for emergency. Everytime you get hit your MP will go almost...
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    Help with Ultima Keyblade

    Any technique to get the goos easier? I'm kinda having a difficult time with it and stopped because it took a lot of time..
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    What is it about kingdom hearts...

    What is it about kingdom hearts that you really liked and how did you get here in these forums anyway? I'll rate my top 3, how I really got hooked with 3 as highest. 1 music, 2 battle, 3 storyline.For me, I had first finished the game without the asas ending so I began searching for cheats...
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    What happened to Pluto?

    maybe he knew where mickey was and found him and stuck with him? He heard something before he disapeared didn't he? Or maybe they really had forgotten about him..