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    KH2 Final Mix discussion

    Even if it's confirmed that we get to fight Zexion, I don't think it necessarily means that he has a weapon. There's a reason why in the one 3d scan of the COM unknowns all standing side by side that Zexion had his arms folded without a weapon, and why he didn't have a weapon on his tombstone...
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    KH2 Final Mix discussion

    Re: KH2 Final Mix + Secret Movie + Next CoM? Maybe KH2 final mix will explain something important. Like Kairi's backstory, and how the hell she can wield a keyblade in the first place. Also why Riku and Sora can hold more than one Keyblade. (Well more of Riku. Because Sora suddenly can wield 2...
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    Kingdom Hearts II 3rd Xemnas battle landing point?

    I noticed this the first time I played the boss. I thought that everyone already knew this. It's definitely not a glitch. They must've just programmed it to be like that since infinitely falling would just be retarded. They could've done it like the first game and have you continuously...
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    Playing as King Mickey....

    I thought it was in any major boss battle that wasn't an unknown. I played as him in Beast's Castle for both the door boss and chandelier boss, and at Cerberus.
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    Things We So Easily Overlooked...

    I thought the fragmented tale just meant the connection between Sora and Roxas. The first game was about Sora, and we will get more information in KH2 about what Roxas was doing at the time. It seems obvious to me at least that when Sora and Roxas meet, there will be some sort of fusion; not...
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    Passion remixed

    Awesome...I always knew they'd remix Passion to be better than that old garbage array of synthesized sounds found in so many of Utada's other songs. And it's pretty much guaranteed that this song will be in KH2; the techno remix. It's made by Plan It T (the Simple and Clean Remix being from Plan...
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    Axels girl

    Well, I'm convinced. (Hasn't Kairi grown at all over a year? Or did she just shrink? Because there's no way Axel could be a giant...)
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    Do you like the new theme song 4 KHII???

    The lyrics and vocals for Passion are good, (and I usually find Utada Hikaru's lyrics to usually be lame; listen to her Exodus CD) but the music as usual sucks which accompanies her vocals. They BETTER get PlanItB to do a remix of this song.
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    complete order/ enigmatic man

    I think the Enigmatic Man is definitely the blue haired guy from the new KH2 video. (Not Zexion, and not the blue mohawk haired guy, but the blue haired guy who has both long hair in the front and back, seemingly a fusion of Zexion and the blue mohawk guy) The guy that Sora was prostrated in...
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    pic pic pic

    yeah, if you change the number on that link, you can see different pics, which confirms it is from the beta version because it shows Sora in Disney Castle, and this.... http://www.nlgaming.com/games/844/4.jpg ~OMG! It's a heartless humping the camera!
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    UTADA HIKARU's "Passion" - KH2 Theme Song

    Easy Breezy sucked! For shame on whoever thinks Exodus was a good cd, for that is perhaps the only artist they listen to if they have such a high opinion of crap.
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    which kingdom hearts ii character are you?

    I can pull off a Zexion look fairly well. But I'd really mind having the stupid looking hair on one side of my face, covering one eye...that really pisses me off.
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    the power of music.......demix theory

    Has anyone played Legend of Zelda before? They've already made it clear that music has mystical powers so why is everyone acting so surprised as if it's some new idea?
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    what if sora was black or any other race

    MAN That would suck if Sora was black. I mean characterwise, he's still the same person, but he would definitely lose the good hair looks...I would totally hate to see a guy with cornrows, dreadlocks, or even bald as a main character (thinks of the movie Predator and dies). *edit* I just...
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    what would u do

    Yeah you've gotta convince Nomura to join forces with Bemani and make a Kingdom Hearts dancing game XP
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    Sora's mom

    I'm betting Sora's mom loves Sora...but then she wouldn't be a good mother otherwise...but then again that's the only thing you can pick up from her one line and no appearance in the whole game...but then again she's not important since Sora obviously doesn't think so. thinks about new lyrics...
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    Fanfiction ► Things KH Characters Would Never Say!!!! REBORN!!!

    Sora: Kingdom Hearts sucks! I'm gonna go play FInal Fantasy.
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    why do u think that pete is in kh2?

    Pete's not that bad a guy. Well not to Goofy anyway...he just acts like a jerk to Goofy sometimes but has some serious issues to sort out with Mickey.
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    Riku was using a keyblade

    It's Sora's heart lost to the darkness when he became a heartless...and he wants to join back with the Sora we know. Besides, if it was a concept, it would have caused more of a suspenseful effect to have the trinity thing going on(riku on roof, kairi on the TV, Sora on the ground) instead of...
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    Is Riku as blind as we think?

    Well, there is a whole year between the end of Chain of memories and KH2 in which sora uses to regain his memories...so the leap between games is probably when Riku decides to put on a blindfold. I'm sure it has nothing to do with the story plot however. I mean that's kind of like asking the...