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    Funniest line in Kh

    Anything Donald says. I swear to God, I cannot understand most anything he spits out. It all sounds like a horrible hail of gibberish that makes me giggle.
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    Searching for INTELLIGENT Yuugiou Fans

    Hello. I'm Sennet, and I am a Yuugiou fan. For the four years I've been a part of the fandom, I've been having a hard time finding intelligent fans. The few that I've found are wonderful people and a pleasure to be around. The rest of the fandom? Pure human garbage. So, here I am, trying to...
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    Post Your Desk Top (Note: Two words)

    Do you have a lot of cool crap sitting around your computer? Are you just dying to share an image of the squalor in which you conduct forum business? Sick and tired of that pyramid of Sobe cans going unappreciated? This thread is for you, Sunny Jim! Herein, you are encouraged to post images of...
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    kairi & ansom

    1: I ask you to validate your belief using proper English. 2: How about this? I think that Cid is Kairi's father. They come from the same world, right? That's just about as good as your logic.
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    What other songs remind you of KH?

    "Weird Science" ANSEM! Take that, Angstbunnies. XD
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    Riku is blind?

    Re: riku IS BLIND!!! Not to sound heartless, but I get the mental image of Riku dressed up like a street urchin, holding a little cup, asking for alms for the poor. I'm going to Heeeeell. XD
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    What if BHK is a bad kid?

    Then he will get the spanking due to him. *nods sagely*
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    Mary Sues: We Need to Talk

    *pats ye on the head* It's cool, man. I was half-expecting this to be ALL flames, so I'm surprised and pleased with the outcome.
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    Concept sketches of Sora

    They look like you shouldn't hotlink from Tripod, that's what.
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    KH2 Multiplayer?

    No, no, no. Who would your friends play as? Donald or Goofy? No self-respecting brat would go for that. They'd want to play as Captain Longhair or something.
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    Mary Sues: We Need to Talk

    Oh, calm down. I'm just trying to be helpful. No need to get your panties in a twist. Edit: And to Dagger: Yeah, I tried to find that, but my Firefox doesn't seem to like it, so I assumed it had died. *kicks Firefox*
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    could we survive in soras worlds?

    Snuffleumpagus would maul us. Anyway, I think it all depends. I'd try my sweet bum off to survive, but I can't do flips in the air like kung fu master Sora. XD
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    Mary Sues: We Need to Talk

    This topic, to the best of my knowledge, has never been adressed on these boards. I am here to remedy that. We all know Mary Sue. She's got it all. Good looks, a voice like an angel, her own keyblade, and Riku wrapped around her little finger. She's got a few incarnations, and usually hails...
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    help with ansem

    LEvel up, level up, level up. And stay far, FAR away from him when he talks.
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    What if Sora was homosexual??????

    Yes, and yay to that. It's all up in the air, anyway.
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    'mature' heartless.

    I thought that this would have something to do with Salsa drawing Shadows doing the horizontal mambo, but I guess not.