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    Kingdom Hearts Trivia!

    Leon(squall), cloud, Aerith(aeris), sephiroth, yuffie, Cid ( FF 7 Cid) Q: name what the torn pages turn into in the 100 acre wood?
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    Kingdom Hearts Trivia!

    Agrabah, Beast's Casle, Underworld, Mulan's world, Halloween town, Twilight town, Spanish Maine(pirates of the carribean)
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    Did Microsoft bu Sq. Enix?

    I have abunch of friend who keep saying that Sq. Enix was bought by microsoft and the next Sqr. games (ff 13, KH3, etc.) will be on the XBOX 360. I keep telling them that only a port of FF11 will be on the 360. Can someone please tell this idiot * cough, cough slayerofsoras!* that Square enix is...
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    Question: What is Vitality?

    What use does vitality play in the RPG battli system? I've been trying to figure out for the longest...
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    Something I noticed about Ansem Report 13

    I noticed that it seemed as if Ansem was directing the underlined part of this report to someone other than himself. Does this mean it was meant for Sora (or whoever might have been the keyblade master) to read this? I thought this because the reports seem like journals, and any one who has ever...
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    KH2 Plot theory (possible spoiler)

    A heart walking around? somehow I dont think that is what he meant by that. 0_o But this theory does explain the drive function and everyone does think that BHK is soras shell so the theory is actually pretty plausible. Maybe the keyblade gives sora a body?
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    the unkowns and their elements

    .Hack games did, but I cant think of any other games. And besides, the guy who posted this thread was probably right about the grass element, since Marluxia does attack using (of all things) cherry blossoms. Oh yeah, and I believe Twilight would be an element ( or perhaps 2 elements put...
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    Unknown's plan

    hmm, I think the organizations plans are only about Sora. In CoM, Axel states that there was only one other man who returned from being a heartless. I believe he was talking about DiZ, whom I believe is the superior, so if Sora and diz were alike, the organization might want to recruit Sora or...