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    KH2 English Commercial

    Yeah I'm thinking there will be a lot of commercials this coming weekend.
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    Who Else...

    I wonder, We only play Roxas at the beginning so there's no point to leveling up as him right? Or do you think there will be another level later where we may play as Roxas.
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    am i alone in this

    I think hes asking if people are dressing up as characters at everyones eb games
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    Have you been Spoiled?

    It's ok im not like real upset or anything but in the original posters post he said no spoilers
  5. K

    Have you been Spoiled?

    {only a bit just the intro and ending movie o yea and axel dying thats all i got outa this} You just posted a major spoiler <_<
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    Who Else...

    Yep if it helps speed up time you could only think of it as 6 more school days :)
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    Have you been Spoiled?

    Unbelievably enough I've resisted the temptation and have not been spoiled, besides the obvious lil spoilers like what characters will appear and such
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    Who Else...

    Is going to play Roxas' part real slow just because it looks incredibly fun :D I heard it takes three hours without just fooling around so I think I'll fool around for a good hour just for fun anyone else?
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    .:Roxas's:. English Youtube Video Collection

    Thanks for organizing all the videos on here I hate searching for them on Youtube
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    something i wonder about the intro

    Yeah I'm thinking he'll lip sync it to the english song or maybe he wont lip sync them to the song at all not too many people would notice.
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    when kh2 comes

    Well I'm looking forward to seeing Roxas, but also I think it's cool that Vivi's in there, but I mostly cant wait to play as Roxas.
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    please people stop doing the best buy crap

    Yeah I've seen them at gamefaqs It's almost getting as bad as the Do I need to play CoM to understand KH2 fad isnt it?
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    Did u notice in the intro

    Nah I never noticed
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    Hey I'm New

    hey Everyone I'm new here I was just browsing around some KH boards and this one seemd pretty cool so I signed up :)