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    how do you feel about your self?

    How do you feel..about...well you!? I know that i hate myself but i really don't want to hurt my friends and family...... i wish there were some way that could all change................... So really...no lying, how do you feel about yourself?
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    alice cooper?

    Does anyone like Alice Cooper? He's awesome but I doubt anyone in our generation kniows him. my dad always made me listen to him and i think He rocks even though i'm into punk/metal/alternative.
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    best looking anime characters?

    I think Edward from "Fullmetal Alchemist", Inuyasha and Sesshomoru from "Inuyasha" look really cool,and Sugar from "A Little Snow Fairy Sugar".....
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    favorite anime?

    Hi what kinds of anime are your top favorite? Mine are Inuyasha, FMA, Love Hina, Yu-Gi-Oh, and Sailor Moon.
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    i gots a cool poem i wrote very emo

    this is how it goes.Don't steal it or else though! This feelings so uneasy So hard to settle down And all I can do right now is nothing but frown. I can't think of you or i'll go insane All of this I feel right now is nothing but pain I feel very emo right now I want to feel better but...
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    Hiya pplz^.^ My name's Day Day..well my nicknames Day Day I luv to write poems and draw anime