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    358/2 thought

    thats pretty cool but its more than likely a coincidence
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    KH BBS Theory

    i dont think that he was saying VAT stood for anything he was just stating that he belived others were added to them i think it is a pretty good idea you made very good connections its very possible
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    birth by sleep card system

    ive been replaying CoM during the school day and ive grown to actually like it but i agree it needs to improve maybe its boredom thats making it seem so good
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    Gears of War 2

    is anybody as excited as me for this game even if it isnt coming out till winter and will probably be delayed also does anybody think that GoW is better than halo cause i do
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    Ven's full name confirmed to be Ventus and Aqua is confirmed playable

    now that u say it like that it would sorta make me mad there but i want to noe if aqua has any connection to kairi so...........:unsure:
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    Ven's full name confirmed to be Ventus and Aqua is confirmed playable

    hope its real cause if i can't play as aqua id be pretty mad
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    SquareEnix shoulda..........

    went to warner Brothers. then we wouldnt have to worry about ratings. Then we could see all the edited out stuff plus we would still have some good places. Harry Potter Casablanca Robin Hood Batman Scooby Doo Terminator THE MATRIX Poseidon Superman TMNT and 300 if they were to switch it...
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    Kingdom hearts on PSP

    I've heard rumors about kingdom hearts on PSP, but i have heard no confirmation. Then I got to thinking about what the game could be about. Iwas thinking that it could be along the lines of what mickey has been doing throughout the last 2 games. The same could apply for Riku. I personally would...
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    KH3 Ideas

    Have you ever wondered how we sit here on these threads and come with new ideas everyday. We do this without even realizing that the storyline isn't done yet. Which leaves me to wonder if maybe the creators visit sites like this and build their ideas off of that what do you guys think.