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    Tifa // Young Ansem // New Keyblades

    :D yay *GIRLISH SCREAM* TIFA YAY, drools >_< yay yay cool looking ansem yay yay :D
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    Why Marluxia turned against the Organization *JOKE*

    Someone hasnt taken the anti-depressants. oh come on, its a JOKE as this topic name says. jeez get a sense of humor/
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    New World

    neverland wont be on it, why have PotC (a Pirate World) and Neverland (nother Pirate World) that would be stupid
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    So no Rinoa...

    i want vincent, rinoa, tifa, and Jecht to be in it. me saying it wont help, but oh well WHY ARNT THEY ON !!!
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    Gameplay Video BHK Skateboarding

    :o someone beat god? how did that happen and i agree with the mod thing :D
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    Summons for KH2

    VEGNAGUN hehehe... i want more final fantasy summons, i thought there wasnt enough final fantasy in kh.
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    FF Villains in KHII

    KUJA, YAY, HES COOL kefka would be good to
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    Why Isnt Neverland In KH2?

    YAY COOKIE :D thanks yous and i made a poll for you to vote pointlessly PotC or Neverland?
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    Why Isnt Neverland In KH2?

    thats what i thought, so i was right for once. YAY :D IM SO HAPPY :D Anyway, did anyone really like Neverland, i only liked it because you can fly. and PotC is my fav film ever and im so happy that its on. what do you prefer, Neverland or PotC
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    Kingdom Hearts II Christmas Postcard

    i love that picture, it looks so cool
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    Why Isnt Neverland In KH2?

    Why Isnt It? i thought because it has PotC on it and the same heartless will be in both worlds as pirates and it would be a bit boring. but has it been officially said why --sorry if this has already been said, but in kinda new--
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    Trinitys something to do with forms ?

    pink trinity, wow mabey even black.
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    An Unexpected Summon

    Nemo, he would land on the floor and do what fish do when there not in the water, it would do any damage, and you can only use it once because he dries up and dies...
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    Leon and Siefer

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    Axel or Ansem?

    my siggy says it all ps. its axel in case you didnt know dumbass | | \/
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    Why Marluxia turned against the Organization *JOKE*

    i love this, lmao, keep it up
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    Toy Story

    toy story would be soo cool, Sora, Donald and Goofy would be good toys ps. yay this is my 100 post :)
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    Axel a friend?

    i hope axel kicks everyones @$$, he is soo cool