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    where r u in game and what do u think of it so far

    jap vers of KHII :cool: time : 44hrs lv: 61 beat the game after they release in japan long time ago :p ( all treasure, mini games, colliseum but in the sec lv, jimmy journal dunno about it coz can't read jap writting...thats all what i can think now -_-" ) Normal mode English version...
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    Scale of 1 to 10 in Organization fights

    :cool: Xigbar 0.1/10 <----- 6/10 Xaldin 0.3/10 <------ 9/10 Saix 0/10 <------- 5/10 Demyx 0.2/10 <------ 6/10 Luxord 0.5/10 <------- 5/10 ( kinda strange first but the understand it ) xenmas 0/10 <------ 7/10 Roxas 0/10 ( scene against...
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    Secret Characters

    i played the jap version of khII and beat the game but i didn't found any of secret character......:(
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    Did you like Demyx?

    for me in japanese version demyx, his kinda weird togather with his personality...but i think:eek: <----- it fits him perfectly...i just can't explain it clearly....his acting childish among the other order but his voice in japanese fit perfectly with his personality...thats what i think:confused:
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    playing king mickey in KHII

    his way faster than sora when he swing his key blade....i hate that xaldin using his lance and that wind element of his....
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    playing king mickey in KHII

    i don't no about you all guyz/girlz who already up until the beast castle in lv 30+++ or beat the game already, after the japanese version of KHII release and i played and beat the game ( proud of my self:cool: , jokin about being proud ^_^) and until the beast castle with my sora lv 30...
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    tetsuya and his team he going to announce it this year the making of KH3...so..yeah... just wait...-_-"
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    What Level are you on?

    level 59, done xegx...brek..brukk.bak.......one more person to go...it is sephiroth...keep leveling up ^^
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    how do you get final form?

    which item u guyz saying?
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    how do you get final form?

    my last form i get it when i'm against Saix, the silver colour form
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    What Difficulty Are You Playing On ?

    has anyone beat KHII or not?
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    What Difficulty Are You Playing On ?

    Yo, i'm new here so give me a chance to write some spoiler and add my profile? just wanna write couple of spoiler? anyone here already beat the game though?