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    Open challenge/ practice battle

    Looking for someone, a fellow beginner I guess, to battle with me. Or perhaps an intermediate willing to help me train. Standard rules; no god-modding, power characters but don't overdo it. My character: (note: I use English spellings) Name: Leiksan (Laeh-ick-sahn) (Also known as...
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    Gone for about three months, 'ran into' Muffin Man last week and thought I'd see what's going on here again... Not sure how it's changed, and doubt anyone will remember me, but I just felt like coming for some debating and RPing again. Uh... Yeah >_> *runs*
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    Final Fantasy VII: Hidden Chaos

    Story outline: Three years before the events that occured in Final Fantasy VII, a small underground organisation known as "Atma" was formed in the slums of Midgar. Witnessing the chaos and ever growing corruption from the corporate organisation ShinRa, inc. The group formed. Its mission? To...
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    Kh2 Realese Date Confirmed

    They can confirm that's the release date the company wants, but it's still possible for it to get delayed, or even brought forward like FFX in Europe. Remember Advent Children was supposed to get released at the same time in the US as in Japan, and a specific release date was given?
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    The rest of the Order's real name?

    Uh, I thought Larxene's could have been Elenar, Squex has used that name before, with Elenar from FF7, who was blonde too (no I'm not saying Larxene is Elenar's nobody...) But you put Roxas on that list, why? We know he's Sora's nobody and the names come from the name they had before they became...
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    ((Spoilers)) Do you even fight Saix?

    Well, the shells or nobodies are still parts of the people, like Roxas is a part of Sora etc... DiZ WAS Ansem, but we thought Xenahort was DiZ, and Squex made it seem that way with the eyes and small amount of skin we could see resembling Xenahort.
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    ((Spoilers)) Do you even fight Saix?

    The World That Never Was I think. Like they said, his sword can change shape and he uses berserk. His power is moon so he probably has some wierd abilities. I don't see how it's hard to tell the difference, Saix is the hot tall sexy manbeast with blue hair and a scar, Xemnas is Xehanort's...
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    Major Spoiler on Drive Forms

    For the most part it is reliable, but for things like prerelease information on games/ films etc. it can be unreliable. The Kingdom Hearts-related content on Wikipedia is very unreliable because idiots who have it wrong put false information up, other people correct it then the idiots go back...
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    Spoilers- BHK's relation to XIII Order

    There is no proof that Roxas is BHK's name, for all we know he doesn't even have a name. Why say this? BHK says himself he is a "nobody"*, which could go so far as to him not having a name. *not confirmed either but he has been referred to as that other times too.
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    Anyone watch this series? I never got to watch it... It used to be on Sky One early in the mornings but it never seemed that appealing and it was always in the middle. But I read about it on a website and even just from the summary it sounds like a really interesting story, and it looks good...
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    The Lion King World

    Yeah, saw it on KHU and GameFAQs ^_^ Favourite Disney film, so now I'm looking forward to KH2 again. Sora's fur looks a little dark and I would have liked him to look more like the KH1 concept art, but it's all good. Teeth and claws ^_^
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    Go Betty Go

    Anyone heard of them? They're an American punk/ alternative band and they sang on the Warped Tour. One of their songs, C'mon, was on the Burnout 3 soundtrack, and without that I would have never discovered them :D I've just found out their second album will be coming out soon, and it's called...
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    Hi, um... I am from KHU, but wait, don't ban me XD I'm not here to join in with the big flame war that happened last night, and I apologise for the idiocy of some of the KHU spammers who started flaming and spamming last night... :mad: I don't want any more conflict... peace? :D Well...