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    quick question

    why does everyone hate kairi?:huh:
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    WHAT THE HECK?!?!?

    i just saw on gamespot.com pictures of kingdom hearts "mobile". BUT they were all cartoony and weird! is this from the original piece of junk or is this coded?
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    I am sad...

    Does anyone know how to get an invite to e3? i know i will never unless i get involved in video games, but i just want 2 know. anyone?:confused:
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    I'm about to finish KH and...

    i beat kh1 and kh2 before i even got COM so good luck!:thumbsup:
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    Sora's heartless weak?

    i personally think they did just b/c of the story. they possibly didn't think it out and just had sora turn into a shadow
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    Donald and Goofy at end

    i wasn't creeped out. but it was strange.
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    did xehanort really lose his memory?

    i was looking at the scans in english and saw a thing about the 2 xehanorts. it said that the ansem apprentice one claimed 2 have lost his memory. so did he really lose his memory or was he trying to fool ATW?thoughts?:thumbup:
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    i cant beat maleficent:cursing: im level 43. sombody help!:sad:
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    help needed >_<

    go jump on the thorns and have beast and goofy (preferably) fight her. heal them when needed. when she shoots fireballs just run like crap. occasionally jump down & check her health. if it is low finish her off. if not jump back on the thorns.:thumbsup:
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    new kingdom hearts

    FIRST POST!! i think that after sora's story is finished they start another series about a new keyblade master. but not like VAT someone totally new.:idea: anyone else like my idea???