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    Just some info...

    ok i was looking around... as u do... & i found this... its probably already been posted... so dont flame me... ok here it is
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    *Theory* BHK and Riku, More of a Connection then ppl think...

    I thought BHK was Sora's memories that he lost... man i gotta keep up with the times... coz doesnt namine say that he shouldnt exist & doesnt it say somewhere tht he doesnt have a heart? lol i give in u guys win
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    hey was there a translation for this picture yet?

    Stitch rox... i think that is the funniest, coolest pic ive seen i cant wait to summon stitch
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    Boredom Hearts

    I just decided to create a thread for all those out there who are bored and got nothin else to do, so say hello and explain your reason for being bored (i must be bored for doing this)