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    KH:CoM save need...

    I just finish the game with Sora...But, i save tha game from the file menu of the emulator and as a result i can't play as Riku...can anyone upload his save file to start with riku this time?
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    An idea for KH...

    It will be great if Disney makes a movie related with Kingdom Hearts, it will be a great movie...I saw something in a site that Disney has in mind about a movie about this game...But i cant say if this site has right...So i came here to talk about it...:D
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    Just a Question :D

    It will change anything if at the start of the game you select the other weapons and information about the character??
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    I cant beat Riku!!

    heartslayer101,your idea is good... I'm 47 Level how far i must go to be able to beat him ? :mad: Anyway, Blinded_by_Light you help a lot!! But i have a question, I have in my Deck Vexens card but when i run into a battle i cant find that card or any Enemy Card!!! How i'll use them...
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    Just a Question :D

    About KH:COM, because i have a problem, anybody can go and see the thread and help, and maybe i will learn more about what happened to King Mickey and Riku...
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    I cant beat Riku!!

    When Sora realises that Namine isnt the girl of his promise (or something like this) Riku cames in and a battle starts...I just cant beat him...he is fast and strong. Any ideas?? PS: i just notice that there is a "Help" section...sorry for postin my thread at the wrong place:D
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    Just a Question :D

    Well, i finished the game 4 days ago i think... And i saw that King Mickey has a Keyblade too!!! That means Mickey is Keyblade Master,right? And What happens to Riku and Mickey? And because im really confused...What is Kingdom Hearts afterall? a "dark" place or a "light" PS:For the second...
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    Hi Everyone!!!!!!!!!

    Hi!! I'm new in this forum. I just finished the game, it was a gift and i have it for 1 year i think...i said:"A disney game,pff " but i start the game few weeks ago and i saw that it was a very good game after all. And here i am in this forum as a fan of this game