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    you know what

    i think in kh2 they should have brought back way more of the old keyblades i mean all you get is oblivion, oathkeeper (even though those are my favorite) and Kingdom key what keyblades do you think should be in kh2 (if you've like designed your own post pics)
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    hmmm me strange question!

    hello people! it's me though you dont know mei will introduce Name: James Age: 16 years Where i live: wouldnt you like to know Hobbies: now we're gettin somwhere i like writing, i am a decent author and have made many small stories im considering making a kh story soon, im pretty good at...
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    hey anyone know this?

    how do i get my sig to show up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Official Ultima Weapon Guide

    i already have the ultima weapon it was hard to get though
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    Help Me!!!!!

    i dont know if anyone has any idea but how would i go about purchasing a kh2 or kh costume/keyblade (mostly keyblade i love oblivion!):)