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    Funniest KH2 Scene

    Demyx...when he pulls out that handout thingy and says something like..."uh...if the subject fails to follow the order, use extreme force...oh shoot why they pick me to do this?" KAWAII! >.< corse' it took me hella trys to beat the 10 second challenge of his...he was my secon fav. org. member...
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    Let's just face it...

    This is only stating that I spoiled myself earlier... I found myself stating the script over and over. Also I though the lion king part wasn't the greatest. I still injoyed all the smart button mashing action that was in KH1 and all the new reaction commands.
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    The intro

    Damn your... well no exactly lucky...but better off than most of us... you know be nice to the download guys... it's not their civic duty to upload vids for us...besides...I wouldn't do s**t if I was playing KH2 that we all waited for for 3 and 1/4 years!!! So CHILL!!!
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    will Sanctuary and the opening vid be out tommorrow...?

    Yeah I have it on my desktop!
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    The LYRICS for Santuary!!!

    Found on KHUltimania **sorry if this is the right crediting** Sanctuary by:Utada Hikaru In You and I there's a new land Angels in flight. My sanctuary. My sanctuary Yeah. Where fears and lies melt away. Music inside what's left of me. What's left of me now. I open my heart to you now, so...
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    WHAT! KHII dissapointing, Yeah right.

    Stop throwing people out windows... or house for voiceing opinions. Unless they tryed to force you down and rape u of your KH fandom...:( The it's time to bring out the Street Fu!:cool:
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    Passion Discussion Thread

    Re: english passion lyrics Yeah isn't though...Its so...rockish and tough for a moment then it goes back to serentiy ^.^
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    Passion Discussion Thread

    Seriously, I don't like the band myself but...It's Green Day's Boulvard of Broken dreams...At least say she sung it in english...Sorry rant...
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    voice actor

    If your gonna ask questions like that, what would Namine' voice actor??? is it the same for Kairi??? I don't think the japanese videos speculate what the english voice actors sound like.
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    command menu theory

    Yeah, I don't it's real time, but it has been said that their is two command menus, mabye that where they would have spining menus for different worlds which were seen in the trailers...but their most likely designs.
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    Intro Movie

    I'm setting up...forgive lack of creativness... I have a feeling this time, dude to the maturaty of the story, that an instant pop-rock single and an attractive anime-ish video won't being KH2 With the theme we heard from passion, It will most likely start off with a small skit, or mabye a...